Hope and Liam Say a Tearful Goodbye to Douglas as he Moves Out, and Thomas Tells Eric He Wants to Fix Things with the Family

In the Thursday, February 16, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Douglas packs up, Hope has a hard time saying goodbye, and Steffy gets Douglas’ room ready.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Steffy tried talking a reluctant Finn into letting Douglas live with them as Hope worried her family was being torn apart.

In the cabin, moping Hope picks up Douglas’ baseball mitt and stares. Liam asks if she slept.

hope sad Bold and Beautiful recaps

She tells him they are losing Douglas today. They are his family and his choice to go and live with Steffy hurts.

She won’t let the kid see that because she doesn’t want to burden him with her pain.

Liam says that’s why she’s a great mom.

At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn that Hope is dropping Douglas off today. She just wants her nephew to be in a carefree home. Maybe he just needs a break?

finn and steffy talk douglas moving in Bold and Beautiful recaps

Finn gets that. But why does the kid want to stay with them?

Hope calls to say Douglas is packing. Steffy suggests she tell herself this is temporary and Douglas will head home once the novelty wears off.

hope in a blanket Bold and Beautiful recaps

Steffy gets off the line and finishes getting Douglas’ room ready.

Finn worries about how having him live there could affect Kelly and Hayes. She thinks his prioritizing his children makes him an incredible father.

Their kids are lucky to have him and Douglas will be too. He’s such a great man and she’s proud to be his wife.

They hug.

finn hugs steffy Bold and Beautiful recaps

Back at the cabin, Liam assures Hope that Steffy will take care of Douglas.

liam comforts hope Bold and Beautiful recaps

She picks up the book that Douglas has been reading. This still doesn’t make sense to her. She wonders if they should have fought the judge harder.

Hope wipes away her tears and says they have to live with his choice.

“Douglas is a human being. He needs a change of scenery,” Liam says, promising this will pass.

After the gives her a hug, Douglas comes out with his suitcase. Before he leaves, he has something to say. He doesn’t want them to be sad.

Douglas explains this isn’t goodbye. He just needs a change. Maybe he will learn to surf.

douglas happy to surf Bold and Beautiful recaps

Liam tells him that he will have a blast at his aunt’s. Douglas asks him not to let his mom be sad.

The parents tell him how much they love him. He loves them too and gives Hope a hug.

douglas hugs hope Bold and Beautiful recaps


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Thomas meets with Eric at Forrester Creations and tells him he wants the opportunity to make things right with the family.

thomas wants a chance Bold and Beautiful recaps

Thomas knows he let him down. Eric lists all the people whose lives he turned upside-down. If he wants another chance, he should ask them.

Thomas insists that Douglas is the most important thing in the world to him.

They sit down and he explains that his son has chosen to live with Steffy and Finn. That’s shocked everyone. Hope is devasted.

Eric looks grumpy Bold and Beautiful recaps

Thomas gets it. His son is just a kid, even if he’s had to deal with a lot of adult problems.

At least he will be able to see his son a lot now that he’s living with Steffy.

Drinking some water, he says it will be easier for him to regain his son’s trust if he has time alone with him. Hope doesn’t exactly trust him.

Eric reminds him he has no one to blame but himself for that.

Thomas repeats that this gives him the chance to regain his son’s trust. He knows that Eric believes in the sacredness of the father-son bond.

Eric does and advises him not to manipulate his son.

Thomas is sure that his son’s choice to live with Steffy is a sign. He plans to be over at Steffy’s a lot.

Hope and Liam drop Douglas off at his aunt’s. He thanks Steffy for letting him stay. She reminds him his life in the cabin will always be there is he needs it.

The men take Douglas to see his room after he gives Hope another hug and she tells him to be on his best behavior.

Once the ladies are alone, Steffy says that the novelty will wear off and Douglas will want to go home.

Hope brought a list of all his favorite things. She asks her to watch out for Thomas. Steffy is reassuring.

Hope tears up. It’s hard for her not to feel rejected after he chose her to be his adoptive mom.

“It stings,” she admits, telling herself it’s temporary. Steffy gives her a hug.

hope sobs in steffy's arms Bold and Beautiful recaps

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