After Fantasizing About Sex with Thomas, Hope Walks in on Her Mom with Ridge and Then Lectures Baffled Brooke, Declaring She’ll Never Be Like Her

In the Monday, April 10, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke reminds Ridge they are no longer teenagers, Thomas finishes a design for Hope, and Liam is confused by Hope’s abrupt exit.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Taylor assured her kids she trusted Brooke, Brooke could hardly resist Ridge, and Hope fantasized about Thomas.

Hope and Liam have sex by candlelight in the cabin.

She keeps imagining he’s Thomas and gasping.

hope in the thralls of sex liam

When they are done, he says that was amazing; she was amazing.

She tells him she just wanted him to feel her love.

Looking away, she chews her finger and thinks.

hope guilt thinking of thomas during sex

Wrapping herself in a robe, she declares she needs to go and check on her mind.

She claims there is a situation with her mom and runs out.


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At Brooke’s, she and Ridge ogle each other as she stands in her lingerie before the fire.

He runs his stubble against her cheek and she sniffs at him before reminding him they can’t do this.

ridge wants sex with brooke but she refuses

Her friendship with Taylor means a lot to her and they made a promise.

brooke smiles at ridge but won't have sex

Stepping to the other side of the room and putting on his jacket, she says they are not teenagers anymore and can’t give in to all their impulses and desires.

He doesn’t want to cause conflict with the BFFs.

She’s not about to break the pact on the first night she’s alone with him.

She asks him to stay and talk.

They rehash what happened with Thomas.

brooke won't break her pact with taylor

Flashing back to their fights in Aspen, he admits they should have just had a straightforward conversation.

Instead, he ran and everything changed.

She says not everything changed. They are together.

Laughing, Brooke asks him not to tell Taylor about this.

She touches his hand and tells him it would be silly for him not to stay with all the love they have between them.


Hope arrives at the door and watches them through the window.

hope eavesdrops brooke

Brooke tells Ridge it’s likely best if he spends the night at Eric’s.

When he calls her Logan, she almost melts.

He asks for his jacket back and then walks out with it.

ridge tempted by brooke

After she takes a deep breath, Hope pops up and throws a robe at her mom, ordering her to put it on.

hope throws brooke's cover at her

“You’re supposed to be friends with Taylor! How could you?” she demands.

Brooke claims they were just talking but her daughter doesn’t buy it.

She’s seen this too many times.

“I have not made your mistakes…I am nothing like you mom! I’m not!”

Hope yelps, not looking very convinced.

hope screams at brooke

Brooke tells her to calm down.

Obviously, there is something wrong with her.

She asks if she’s having feelings for Thomas.

brooke yells at hope

Hope insists her marriage is fine and this is about her mom.

hope disgusted with brooke

Brooke admits she’s made mistakes with men in the past but not this time.

Hope sits down and her mom asks what’s wrong.

She knows she’s having marital problems. She urges her not to give up on Liam.

brooke wasn't making a play for ridge

Liam interrupts and asks if everything is okay.

Hope runs into his arms and insists nothing is going on.

She was just telling her mom how much she loves their life together and she won’t let anyone come between them.

liam finds hope at moms

In his office at Forrester, Thomas finishes sketching out another design for Hope and then rubs his chin, thinking of her.

Thomas sketching

He keeps drawing as he recalls promising Hope he wouldn’t mess up this time.

thomas thinks of sketching

When he finishes the design, he’s sure Hope will love it.

thomas' first sketch

Thomas keeps drawing until his father interrupts.

He remembers when he used to be inspired to design for hours and hours.

Looking at the sketch, he tells his son he knows he’s got something when it flows like that.

Ridge tells him he’s good and on the right path. His support means a lot to him.

His father loves him and is glad he’s there.

They discuss life outside of work. Thomas turns that back on him and asks about his dinner with Brooke.

Ridge assures him that Brooke didn’t not break her bond with Taylor. Thomas is happy about that. He thinks the women are good for each other.

They discuss how uncertain the future is. Thomas is determined not to return to his past mistakes.

His father tells him it’s okay to look ahead and asks about his dating life.

Thomas hasn’t had time for that and assures him that he and Hope are only co-workers and co-parents. He has no plans to derail that.

ridge helps thomas with his sketch

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