Bill Comes to Sheila’s Aid, Taylor Learns Thomas as Canned, and Katie and Carter Take Their Clothes Off

In the Tuesday, December 27, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila refuses to go to prison, Carter takes off his clothes, Brooke and Taylor worry about Sheila being on the loose.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Thomas was fired from Forrester Creations and Sheila burst in on Steffy and Finn as they were getting romantic.

As it storms outside, Sheila bursts in on Steffy and Finn as they make out on their sofa.

sheila scary bold and beautiful recap soapsspoilers

Steffy leaps across the room. Sheila has no weapons.

finn yells sheila not family bold and beautiful recap soapsspoilers

She tells them she wants to live in peace and harmony with her family.

Finn blurts out she’s not family and she’s going to prison.

Steffy accuses her of stalking them and Sheila keeps repeating that she’s not a threat.

She insists that she did all she did for her son. She just wants to explain.

He reminds her that she shot him and his wife.

Steffy tells her she will rot behind bars.

Sheila begs her son to hear her out for the last time. She reminds them that she could have gotten away easily but she stayed because she needs her son to understand her.

Steffy is flustered. Sheila keeps repeating that shooting them was unintentional.

She’s sure they despise her, but she thinks that coming back was not a mistake. She still loves Finn and nothing will change that.

Things would be so different if they would just accept her so they can move forward together.

Steffy thinks she’s insane and Finn is determined that she pay for her crimes.

finn yelling at sheila bold and beautiful recap soapsspoilers

He insists she’s going to prison tonight. They tell her there is nowhere to run.

Sheila complains that people are always underestimating her.

She’s used to people telling her she’s going to prison, but it never happens.

Finn tells his wife to get a rope and then binds Sheila’s arms.

Bill suddenly appears and Sheila smiles.

Bill saves the day B&B recaps


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Taylor shows up at Forrester Creations and talks to Brooke about the bad weather. Brooke invited her there to talk about Thomas.

taylor wet from the rain with brooke at forrester creations bold and beautiful recap soapsspoilers

She explains that he was voted out of the company tonight. Taylor gasps.

Brooke confirms the vote was unanimous. Taylor is sure her son is devastated but she understands.

She’s seeing things from a different perspective these days.

taylor shocked thomas was voted out bold and beautiful recap soapsspoilers

There was a time when something like this would have caused a battle between the families but not anymore. She’s sure Thomas isn’t a bad person; he just makes bad decisions.

She can’t blame Brooke for not wanting to see him around after what he did to her.

Things could have been different if they’d made this choice sooner.

Taylor thinks the bright spot in all this is them realizing happiness doesn’t depend on Ridge.

They talk about how great it feels to choose themselves. Taylor is feeling fulfilled and she’s sure nothing will mess it up for her…well, maybe Sheila.

All the thunder is making them jumpy.

They know a rational person would have just left town but that’s not Sheila. Taylor thinks she might try to go after Hayes.

“What is she going to do next?” she wonders.

Katie and Carter head to his office, soaking wet. They were planning to toast to her health and dance under the stars, but the rain got in the way.

carter and katie wet from rain bold and beautiful recap soapsspoilers

He knows where a bottle of wine is but suggests they get out of their wet clothes first.

She reminds him there are dryers downstairs and suggest he drop his shirt in one.

carter wet rained on bold and beautiful recap soapsspoilers

As he unbuttons, she shivers and asks if he is stripping down to warm up.

Katie thanks Mother Nature as he takes off his pants.

carter showing his hot bod bold and beautiful recap soapsspoilers

She takes their clothes to the dryers and then returns with robes for them. He pops a cork and they toast to her.

They kiss.

katie and carter kissing bold and beautiful recap soapsspoilers

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