Hope Sobs Her Apology to Thomas Who Overhears Hope Calling Him Unstable to Brooke

In the Friday, May 19, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Wyatt and Liam discuss his concerns, Liam needs to check Thomas’ vibe, and Brooke eavesdrops on Thomas and Hope.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Finn told Sheila never to contact him again, Taylor pushes Deacon to rekindle his romance with Brooke, and Brooke assured RJ she’s happy.

In the office at Spencer Publications, Wyatt suggests to Liam that they get Hope to do a photoshoot to tease the next collection internationally.

wyatt and liam at spencer publications

He’d be happy to be point man if his brother wants to keep his distance from Thomas.

Wyatt knows how hard the Hope and Thomas working relationship is on him. Liam reminds him it’s more than that.

Wyatt leaps to a conclusion before Liam stops him and insists he was just referring to Douglas.

Waving his hands, he talks about how Hope has been trying to mitigate his worries about this situation. She’s never been so passionate as now.

wyatt discusses HFTF with liam

His brother tells him to keep reaping the benefits of that and not let Thomas be on his mind all the time.

Liam keeps repeating he trusts Hope but suspects she’s overcompensating for something.

This sparks something and he decides he needs to look into Thomas’s eyes and check his vibes.

liam thinks hope's overcompensating

“Punch him in the face!” Wyatt yells.


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B&B comings and goings

At Forrester Creations, Thomas and Hope adjust an outfit on a model.

She keeps thinking of when she hugged Thomas in San Francisco.

model with hope and thomas at forrester creations

The model tells them how great it is to see them working together again. The continuity means a lot.

“Hope for the Future means a lot.

It’s my heart and it feels like it’s beating again. Stronger than ever,” says Hope.

hope laughs with thomas

After the model takes off, Brooke eavesdrops at the door as her daughter and Thomas talk about how happy Douglas has been to see them working together.

They’ve been in a good place lately.

brooke eavesdrops on hope and thomas

Eventually, Brooke interrupts and tells them how well they are getting along.

The latest projections for the line are good too.

brooke in black and white

She asks them about nearly getting stranded.

The mother and daughter glare at each other until Thomas walks out.

Liam stops by Thomas’ office.

They rehash how Thomas has saved the line.

Thomas is surprised that he gives him so much credit, but he gives it to Hope and Zende. He assures Liam that he has changed, whether he believes it or not.

Liam urges him to place himself in his shoes. Would he ever trust him again?

Thomas assumes that the near-stranding brought up memories he’d rather not have been reminded of. Thomas assures him there was no ulterior motive on his part. It was just work.

liam checking the vibe

Liam gets that but his brain is hyper-protective of Hope. He just can’t buy the changed-man story and will never be able to let his guard down.

Thomas repeats that he has nothing to worry about.

Back across the hall, Hope asks her mom why she’s burning a hole through her. “What is on your mind, sweetheart?” Brooke probes.

brooke shocked hope trusts thomas

Hope is thankful for Liam every day. Her mom tells her what a great life she has and how proud she should be. She’s become a great person in spite of her.

Brooke can understand why she wouldn’t want to be like her.

She shouldn’t jeopardize everything in her life for a man.

Hope steps back as her mom says she’s noticed some concerning signs.

The way she looks at Thomas makes her wonder if something is going on between them.

Acting offended, Hope insists the only thing going on between them is work and co-parenting. Thomas has changed and is just her friend now.

hope trusts thomas and tells her mama

Her mom continues to worry, assuming Thomas would have come up with some scheme to share a room with her.

Hope insists that he’s been nothing but professional and she trusts him.

Brooke thinks she’s shielding him to protect the line.

brooke exasperated at daughter

She says no fashion line is worth risking her marriage for. If he’s crossing the line, she will get him out of there.

Eventually, Hope blurts out it’s not Thomas, it’s her. It’s her feelings for him.

Broke is shocked. Hope covers by saying she knows he’s unstable and manipulative.

She says nothing will ever happen between them and asks her to leave her alone.

Thomas arrives at the door and overhears all of this. Brooke walks out.

thomas overhears a lie

When he enters, Hope tells Thomas that he’s changed and she really believes that.

She actually thinks the opposite of what she just told her mom and begs him to believe her.

hope apologizes to thomas

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