As Thomas Reassures RJ He’s No Longer Obsessing, Hope Uses Sex to Convince Liam of Her Loyalty

In the Tuesday, May 9, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Hope tries spending quality time with Liam, Steffy tells Finn her worries, and Thomas reassures RJ.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Steffy laughed at Hope, convinced she’s just like Brooke, while Hope begged her not to interfere with her marriage.

Hope and Liam make out at the cabin. He gasps when she tells him the kids are at a sleepover.

hope and liam make out with the kids out of the house.

She says she needs some “hubby time” and they need to make spending time together a priority. She’s sorry she hasn’t been there for him as much as she’d like to be.

Hope gets out of a bottle of wine. She was saving it for a special occasion and toasts to what really matters: her family.

liam and hope enjoying a little vino at home in the cabin.

The toast to themselves. He tells her how much her investment in their marriage means to him.

As he rambles about Thomas, she asks him to stop and starts kissing him. He puts the wine aside and have sex.

hope and liam attack each other with a kiss.

He doesn’t know what’s gotten into her lately but she’s never been more passionate.

Hope says it’s important for her to show him how much she loves him.

Resting on his chest, she thinks of Thomas and Steffy confronting her about turning into Brooke.

liam shocked at the good sex he's having with hope

She tells Liam he always comes first for her.

He says he’s never doubted her or questioned her feelings and never will.

Shirtless Finn wanders into the cliff house after his dip in the ocean. Steffy tells him she’s put the kids to bed.

She feels blessed to have him in her life, and not just for his body, but his heart to.

steffy and Finn get sexy together

He thinks she’s a force of nature. They kiss.

Rubbing her neck, she sighs and says something happened at the office today. Flashing back to Hope and Thomas holding hands, she shakes her head.

steffy think shirtless finn

Sitting down, she wonders if she should be worried.

He asks if this has something to do with Hope and her brother.

Steffy is impressed by how perceptive he is.

The line is doing well, but she’s concerned about Thomas and Hope.

She hasn’t stopped believing in her brother. She trusts him completely.

Finn tells her she doesn’t need to worry about Liam.

finn being perceptive

Steffy suggests they do something that doesn’t involve talking.

They make out. She looks off and thinks of Hope and Thomas holding hands.

steffy thinks of hope having feelings for thomas

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Thomas is drawing in the office at Forrester Creations and thinking of Hope holding his hand.

RJ wanders in and asks if their dad is so much of a tyrant he has him working 24/7.

RJ interrupts thomas sketching

Thomas stops sketching. RJ looks at it and say it looks great. He assumes he always imagines his designs being worn by Hope and that’s why they’re so successful.

RJ wonders if he gets bored working in the office so much. His brother likes being productive.

rj thinks thomas spends all his time with hope

RJ popped in to look for Hope. He thought she spent all her time with him.

The influencer tells him he feels a lot of pressure to be the one connecting everyone, especially when Thomas is bringing so much drama to the family.

He crosses lines that should never be crossed.

Thomas knows that but he’s been working on himself and can finally be the brother he can be proud of. He gets why he stayed away for so long.

thomas thinks about rj saying he's always with hope.

He promises not to meddle in their dad’s love life.

RJ assumes he’s not interfering with Hope either and asks him where things stand with her.

Thomas thinks Hope deserves the best. He will always love her for the role she plays in his son’s life.

He knows he didn’t respect her marriage in the past.

But he’s been able to earn back some of her forgiveness and promises that Hope and her marriage have nothing to worry about.

RJ is proud of the person his brother is becoming. Thomas feels the same about him.

Thomas and RJ talk about Thomas being obsessive

RJ is sure he’s just glad he’s not spending his time in town. His brother is impressed by his career.

RJ wishes he’d explain that to their dad.

They’re both glad he’s back.

Left alone, Thomas returns to thinking about Hope holding his hands.

thomas thinks of Hope

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