Thomas and Hope Jet Off to San Francisco on Business, Leaving Liam to Worry

In the Thursday, May 11, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy and Finn are continually interrupted while making out, Carter tells Hope and Thomas they need to make a trip, and Liam tries to control his jealousy.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Steffy decided her imagination was running wild when she caught Hope with Thomas, and Wyatt teased Liam about asking Thomas for help with an app.

Finn stops by the office to kiss Steffy.

She loves it when he makes office calls.

orange steffy kisses finn at work

Liam walks in on and them and then averts his eyes. That’s awkward. He makes it worse by trying to make small talk.

Steffy chucks him the bag of Kelly’s soccer stuff. Finn asks how he’s holding up with Hope and Thomas working together.

Steffy grumbles to himself and Liam laughs uncomfortably.

liam awkward interruption

They sit around and talk about whether Thomas has changed.

Finn thinks he has but he doesn’t know how vigilant Liam should be.

Steffy agrees that Thomas is doing the work. Finn can understand Liam wanting to protect his wife.

Liam would never forgive himself if Thomas snapped and something happened.

Steffy stops him and says it is not Hope that needs protection.

She flashes back to confronting Hope about flirting with Thomas and then assures Liam that Thomas won’t do anything to hurt his marriage.

steffy and finn talk about thomas to liam

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Thomas is sketching in his office at Forrester Creations when Hope and Carter blow in.

thomas sketching

They announce some of their most influential buyers are in San Francisco and want them to fly out for a meeting today.

This is sudden. Hope says it could be huge. Is he willing to go?

hope happy to trip

“Of course,” says Thomas. Carter explains what’s been prepared and how crucial this meeting with buyers could be.

He tells them they can debrief in the morning and takes off.

Hope and Thomas discuss what looks to bring to the meeting. He asks how Liam will feel about this.

thomas ready for trip

Liam pokes his head in and asks what’s going on.

liam arrives to the design office and hope and thomas going away

Hope explains she needs to jet off to meet with buyers today. Liam works his way through figuring out that Thomas is going.

The Forrester tells him it was the buyer’s idea and assures him he has nothing to worry about before leaving to pack.

She tells him it’s just for the day and important for the collection. His hands starts flailing.

hope and liam uncomfortable with here trip with thomas

She knows they would normally have a longer conversation about this but she has to go.

He promises he will be waiting for her to get home tonight and she assures him she’s not taking him for granted.

They kiss.

hope kissing liam who worries she's going away with thomas

As he hugs her, she gets a worried look.

Back in her office, Steffy and Finn keep making out.

He suggests she lock the door.

steffy interrupted

Thomas interrupts. He just has to grab some sketches and tells them to lock the door.

thomas tells liam about meeting

He fills them in on the latest upset with Liam.

Once he’s gone, Steffy and Finn return to making out. Liam interrupts again.

“Oh great, you’re back,” she says. He grabs Kelly’s stuff and Steffy asks how he feels about the trip.

Liam is not pleased about the “trippy trip.”

He’s not doubting Thomas’ talents, just his personality.

Steffy makes faces as he goes on about his faith in Hope and her honesty.

Hope and Thomas are on the jet going over the details for the meeting.

thoams hope on forrester plan to san Francisco

As they take off, he asks how her conversation with Liam went and repeats that he doesn’t want to cause problems for her marriage.

She knows he’s changed. He’s living up to her faith and Liam knows she loves him.

No one will come between their life together.

Thomas believes that. She’s not the kind of person who would make the mistakes her mother did.

She squints and nods and then her heart starts beating.

hope says she loves liam

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