Taylor Plays Matchmaker With Deacon and Brooke, as Finn Visits Sheila in Prison and RJ Wonders if Brooke’s Truly Happy Without Ridge

In the Wednesday, May 17, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor and Brooke dine and Taylor watches Brooke and Deacon lightly flirt, while Finn visits Sheila, and Steffy and RJ talk about the Brooke and Thomas debacle.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Finn found Steffy’s suspicions hard to take seriously, Liam checked that nothing happened with Thomas, and Carter asked Thomas about all the drama.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn talk about him going to the prison to visit Sheila.

She wants to see him since he’s her son and doctor. Steffy cringes.

Why doesn’t she want the whole hospital team then?

steffy and finn talk about him visiting sheila

Finn calls his bio mom transparent. She’s under the illusion that it’s okay for her to contact him.

He needs to visit her to ensure she knows she has no place in their life. Steffy rolls her eyes.

steffy not happy finn seeing sheila

When Mike visits Sheila in prison, she’s not happy to see him. She thought he was Finn or Jack.

Mike asks what’s going on between her and Jack and she sighs. “Nothing.” But he’s got clout, and power since he’s the best criminal defense lawyer.

Mike can see that’s why she put on her lipstick. Did it work? She says no.

Mike’s glad his angel is stuck with him but she chuckles and says not for long. She doesn’t deserve to be in prison.

Mike says they all tell themselves that. Sheila will never accept that this is her future.

She needs to connect with her son and grandson again. 

mike and sheila talk about jack

At Forrester Creations, RJ goes to Eric to talk about his mom and ensure she’s doing okay.

Eric calls himself Brooke’s biggest supporter and fan.

RJ talks about his mom trying to embrace the single life but wonders if Eric thinks she’s happy with that.

RJ wonders if his mom will ever be truly happy unless she’s reunited with his dad.

Eric thinks that if his grandson wants to know how his mother feels he should ask his mother.

rj wants to know if his mom is happy , so he asks eric

He hugs RJ and Steffy appears. Eric has an appointment so kisses Steffy and takes off. 

Steffy asks how his meeting was. RJ says he’s worried about his mom. He heard about what Thomas did.

Steffy thinks he has a right to feel angry about it. If it helps, she believes he’s gotten better after being in therapy.

RJ says it doesn’t erase everything he put his mother through and upended her life. Steffy nods. “Because she’s not with Dad.”

eric and RJ

At Il Giardino, Brooke looks around for Hollis and Taylor says he’s not working today. She’s not worried.

Taylor won’t try to set them up again. Brooke calls Hollis sweet and handsome but very young.

She didn’t think it’d work out.

Taylor didn’t expect marriage but she wanted her BFF to have fun.

Brooke wants to be with someone she knows, trusts and had a history with.

taylor and brooke lunch

Deacon appears. He heard the busboys talking about the beauties at table 5.

He lays on the compliments and Taylor looks from Deacon to Brooke, with a twinkle in her eye.

They discuss the women’s friendship and Brooke can’t imagine them being rivals again. Tay agrees.

brooke drinks

Brooke and Deacon talk about the women who are eying him but he tells Brooke they have a bond that nobody else has.

“We made an awesome human being.” Brooke agrees. “We certainly did.”

Taylor again looks at one to the other, as though she sees their connection and wants to set them up.

They talk about Hope and Thomas’ trip to San Francisco and that the buyers bought a lot.

They go on about how glad Thomas is to be working and that the two love working together.

taylor happy restaurant

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B&B comings and goings

Talk turns to Deacon’s packed restaurant. They love how well he’s doing.

Deacon should be the next hot restauranteur in LA, Brooke tells him.

All Deacon hears is ‘hot’. Taylor grins to herself at them. Brooke gets a text that she has to go back to work.

deacon at taylor and brooke's table

She thanks Deacon for a lovely lunch and he tells her he hates to see her go, “But I love to watch you do it.” She laughs and goes.

Taylor tells him that was sweet and fascinating to see them talk.

Taylor knows Brooke likes and respects him. Deacon knows she doesn’t judge him for being a screw-up “all those years ago.”

Taylor brings up the pact she made with Brooke. She wonders if this is their time to reunite.

taylor sets brooke up with deacon

Sheila barks at the prison guard, wondering why he isn’t bringing her back to her “cushy cell.”

He says she has another visitor. Finn appears at the door.

“My son,” Sheila says with the biggest smile on her face.

Did he get her letters? She’s so happy to see him.

Finn isn’t sure if he should come.

finn visits sheila

She comments on him saving her life and he says that it’s his job to save lives.

He’d never leave his worst enemy to die. She says that he fought for her and nobody else ever has.

She doesn’t know what he did or how but he brought her back. It has to say something about the spiritual connection between a mother and son.

“I gave you life and you gave me life. Thank you, son.”

sheila happy seeing finn

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