Taylor Confronts Brooke About Keeping Things from Her, and Steffy Confides to Liam That Hope Has feelings for Thomas

In the Wednesday, May 24, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy and Liam howl at the moon, Thomas explains what Hope said to his mom, and Hope tells Brooke that everything is under control.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Brooke confronted Hope about her feelings for Thomas, Taylor felt betrayed by Brooke, and Bill urged Liam to stay vigilant.

In the Forrester Creations office, Hope tells her mom not to worry about her but Brooke can’t stop.

Her daughter blurting out that she was the issue, not Thomas, keeps echoing in her head.

hope talks to brooke about thomas again

She demands to know if Hope is attracted to Thomas.

Hope concedes she has doubts about Thomas but he’s been nothing but a gentleman and doesn’t want to undermine his progress.

When she adds he’s a remarkable man in many ways, Brooke looks worried.

Her daughter declares she has everything under control.

Brooke keeps asking if she’s okay. “I’m fine, okay, I’m fine,” Hope repeats.

She feels bad for hurting Thomas’ feelings after all the work he’s put into changing.

She asks her mom not to look for problems where there are none.

Slapping her hands, she confirms she has everything under control.

In his office, Thomas assures his mom that Hope didn’t mean the derogatory things she said about him.

He thinks she was just placating her mother.

taylor unhappy to hear about brooke

He suggests it makes sense Brooke would have reservations about him.

His mother keeps probing and he repeats he won’t come between Hope and Liam.

Taylor will give Brooke the benefit of the doubt.

She believes her son when he insists he’s respecting healthy boundaries.

But Brooke seems to be getting some kind of vibe…

taylor gives brooke benefit of doubt

Taylor goes to see Brooke, who is typing.

The doctor asks her what’s up.

She quizzes her friend about the conversation with Hope and asks her how she thinks Thomas felt about what he heard.

Taylor asks why her daughter would say all those things for her benefit. What is she not telling her?

Brooke claims it’s never her intention to lie to her. “How about just don’t lie?” the doctor suggests, asking her to be straight.

Brooke says she’s not totally comfortable with Thomas and Hope working together.

She’s worried about her daughter’s life with Liam.


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Hope joins Thomas in his office and they talk about how boring the latest design is.

She’s distracted by what happened earlier.

thomas not happy with his design

Hope apologizes again and he tells her to forget it.

She doesn’t know how he can be so optimistic and forgiving.

He doesn’t know how he can not be given how much grace she has shown him.

Hope says he’s let the light in and it’s a beautiful thing to see.

hope says thomas heart softened

They discuss ruffles and teal but she’s distracted.

She realizes it’s late and she needs to call Liam.

Liam is at the cliff house with Steffy and Kelly.

They plan to give a cookie to the man in the moon and start howling.

kelly with liam and steffy at the cliff house

The little girl thinks it’s fun when they are together as a family. Everyone smiles.

Kelly’s parents tell her how great she is and what a great role model she is to her siblings.

Liam takes her off to put on her jammies.

kelly with liam so cute

After they yell at the moon, they put the kid to sleep.

“That kid just fills me up,” he says, remembering when they saw her for the first time.

He can’t wait until their daughter is old enough to understand how lucky she is.

steffy and liam say they're glad hayes didn't wake up

Hope calls to say that she won’t be home for dinner. She needs to work late with Thomas. They’re on a deadline.

“That’s convenient for him,” he snipes. He tells her to do her thing and hangs up.

He starts pacing and complaining. He feels like Hope doesn’t give a damn. Everyone keeps telling him Thomas is rehabilitated but he’s not convinced.

“Why do you assume it’s Thomas? Maybe he’s not the problem this time?” she says. Hope is not some innocent victim.

Liam senses a vibe. Steffy points out that Hope is the problem.

“I think your wife has feelings for Thomas,” she says.

Back at Forrester, Hope stares at her phone, baffled.

liam learns hope has feelings for thomas

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