Bill Pushes Sheila to Confess Her Crimes and Reveals He’s Working with Ridge and the FBI as Steffy Worries Hope Has Feelings for Thomas

In the Wednesday, March 15, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Wyatt and Liam vent to Deacon about their father and Sheila, Bill tells Sheila the bad things he’s done, and Steffy and Finn have to cut their romantic morning short.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Liam listed Thomas’ misdeeds and called Hope’s decision deja vu as Hope cried, while Thomas vowed to Douglas not to make the same past mistakes.

At the beach house, Steffy feeds Finn a strawberry and they make out on the couch. He tells her how good it was to have the morning together.

steffy feed strawberries to finn at the cliffhouse on B&B

He needs to get to the hospital. They kiss some more. She’s not making it easy for him to leave.

steffy and finn make out on the sofa of the cliffhouse on B&B

She needs to get ready for work too. He’s sure there’s a lot for people to get used to now that the old team is back together.

Finn wonders how Liam is handling the news. Steffy explains that she remembered that Paris told her Hope thinks Thomas is hot.

This has her worried. On some level, she’s attracted to Thomas and that could mean trouble for Liam.


As they get dressed, she worries how working with Thomas will affect Hope. There may be feelings under the surface. Maybe that’s why she keeps forgiving him?

Buttoning his shirt, Steffy gives her husband another kiss and wishes they could do this all day. He thinks it’s while how life can be so good and scary at the same time.

When they are together, they feel peace. Their love will have to get them through since Bill set their worst nightmare free.
He hates being away from her and the kids with Sheila out there. She still doesn’t know how Bill can be doing this to them. None of it makes sense.

At Il Giardino, Wyatt and Liam worry to Deacon about Hope and Thomas. Liam tried getting through to her but failed.

deacon talks to wyatt and liam about dollar bill at il giardino his restaurant B&B

Wyatt urges his brother to focus on Hope while he worries about their father and Sheila.

Liam refuses to let Thomas come between him and his wife. Hope was assured him she will keep him at a distance.

Wyatt thinks Hope giving Thomas another chance is like their dad trusting Sheila.

Deacon listens as the brothers go on about how “gross” the idea of their father with a psycho with nine toes is. Eventually, Deacon has to step away and thinks of kissing Sheila.


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At Bill’s, he and Sheila sit on the couch. She tells him he’s her hero. He says they are two of a kind. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him and he needs what they have.

sheila and bill on her sofa at bill's mansion B&B

He urges her to talk to him and promises not to judge her. He says they are both ashamed of things in their past. The only way to deal with that is to be open about the darkness in their lives.

Sheila says he’s never done anything bad like she has. Bill claims that nothing she can do or say will change how he loves her.

He reminds her of when he dumped Ridge from a helicopter and blew up Spencer Fashions with his own son inside. Talking about this makes him feel free and whole.

Bill wants her to have the same healing feeling he has. She can’t forget and repress what she’s done.

Sheila says she’s done things he can’t begin to imagine.

He’s sure it’s been bizarre for her to deal with his shifts from the passionate to the withdrawn. She’s the first person he can be himself around.

She’s amazed they are still together and thanks him again for her freedom. Bill doesn’t think she will be emotionally free until she tells him her darkest secrets.

“I’ve killed people too,” he says.

She flashes back to some of her crimes. He can see she’s haunted and urges her to unburden herself.

sheila watches as someone falls to the ground after she pushed them over the railing on bold and beautiful

As she’s about to say something, the electricity starts to buzz and short. She suggests they go out. He’d love to but he has an important business dinner.

They can pick this up later. After he drives off, she calls Deacon.

He thought it was too dangerous for them to talk. She worries that Bill could have an inkling about them. He’s acting stranger than usual.

Bill goes to a secret location to meet with Ridge and the FBI. He tells him how ready he is to put Sheila away for life.

ridge and bill working for FBI to get rid of sheila carter

They watch her through surveillance.

ridge and bill wawtching bill's estate and sheila carter

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