Steffy Needs to Put an End to Sheila and Deacon Plans a Grand Opening Bash at Il Giardino

In the Monday, February 27, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy gets emotional, trying to figure out a way to get rid of Sheila, Hope asks how Deacon feels about Brooke dating Hollis, and Sheila wants to pretend she and Bill are all alone.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Taylor dropped by Hope’s to talk about Brooke’s date, Hollis and Brooke get to know each other and shared a kiss before Brooke cried on Taylor’s shoulder that she’s not ready to move on yet.

Steffy and Finn make out in the office at Forrester.

He’s on a break between rounds at the hospital. He’d pick her over an extra hour of sleep.

She’s distracted. She’s been working on the budget but can’t get Sheila out of her head.

steffy and finn kissing at her office forrester creations B&B recaps

She blames Bill that Shela’s roaming LA and says they can’t give up.

They need to find a way to get Bill to see her for who she is. It’s time to get  Sheila out of their lives. They hug.

steffy wants to get rid of sheila B&B recaps

At home, Sheila gets a text from Deacon and flashes to telling Deacon he’s a loser and shuts her eyes tight.

She needs to forget him. Bill appears. It’s obvious to him who she’s thinking about.

He thinks it’s Finn.

sheila thinks of deacon B&B recaps

She lies that it is.

He vows once more to do what he can to bring them together.

He hugs her but she finds it impossible.

Bill’s not really familiar with the word ‘impossible’.

bill vows to get Sheila together with finn B&B recaps

Sheila wants to pretend there’s nobody else but the two of them.

She kisses him and pulls back with a weird look on her face. He gets a notification and has to go jump on a conference call. “I just wish you were jumping on me,” she says. She has somewhere else to go.

sheila kisses bill B&B recaps

At Il Giardino, the party planner, JJ, (Angela Bishop) talks to Deacon about the up-and-coming grand opening party. She’s ready to give him the best party. 

She goes to take a call and Hope appears to tell her dad about Hollis and Brooke’s date. Deacon shrugs.

angela bishop as jj party planner bold and beautiful comings and goings

He heard about it. Hollis said they had fun but Brooke told him she wasn’t ready to date.

Hope thinks he’s jealous but he tells his kid that ship sailed.

She asks if he has a new woman in his life. He flashes to Sheila but denies it.

hope with deacon B&B recaps

His mind is on the restaurant. She’s proud of him. That means the world to him.

He wants her help with the grand opening party. Hope hopes he’s serving his famous pizza.

He is and says there’ll be a select group and a few key people from Forrester.

She’s on the way there now so says she’ll spread the word.

He asks how she’s doing. She’s having a hard time adjusting without Douglas but nothing can be done. She’s glad to have the party to distract her.

hope and deacon talk party B&B recaps

Hope arrives at Forrester and tells them she was at Il Giardino. She asks what she’s interrupting. Steffy complains to her about Sheila roaming LA.

She calls her a psychopath. Everyone knows that. “Everyone but Bill,” Finn says.

Hope’s shocked anyone can be sympathetic toward her let alone have feelings for her.

steffy with hope and finn B&B recaps

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Steffy can’t talk about Sheila anymore and asks, “Do you have any food? Did you bring anything from Il Giardino?” Hope laughs. The kitchen’s not open yet.

She talks up how her dad’s trying to build a legacy and Finn asks to wish him the best.

Hope asks if they’d make it to the grand opening. They’re in.

Steffy says it’s the least they can do since he saved their lives.

hope invites finn steffy to il giardino B&B recaps

At home, Deacon cleans his messy place and thinks of Sheila dressed up as a nurse on Halloween and the naughtiness they got up to.

sheila nurse hot halloween bold and beautiful

She arrives. He tells her he was hurt the last time she was there when she called him a loser.

He thought they had something special. It’s why he called her here.

He doesn’t believe a word she said and doesn’t think she believes her own words.

She reminds him if Bill learned about their past it wouldn’t be good but he’d never rat her out. He tells her this change in him happened because of her.

deacon and sheila talking relationship B&B recaps

He wants to share this with her and asks her to come to the opening of Il Giardino even if it’s just to see her across the room. 

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