As Steffy Tries to Calm Liam’s Panic About Thomas, Hope Can’t Stop Herself from Having Sex Fantasies About Him

In the Thursday, April 13, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Hope’s line is going better than anyone expected since Thomas returned, and Steffy assures Liam that she trusts her brother.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Hope claimed she had no feelings for Thomas and Taylor invited Ridge to a family dinner.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Liam talk about all the birthday parties their daughter needs to attend and the gifts they have to buy.

liam worries to steffy about thomas

He explains that he’ll probably be juggling three kids now that Hope is so busy with the line. She mentions that Hope and Thomas are in a meeting right now.

This gets Liam’s dander up. He asks if her brother is okay.

She assures him that Hope and Thomas are a successful team. He’s still not sure that Thomas can be healthy. Will he go down the path he always does and become obsessed with his wife?

steffy tries reassuring liam

He explains that he walked in on something the other day. She already heard about his over-reaction to Hope falling off the riser.

Liam defends himself but she is sure her brother has made significant changes to himself. She would not put Hope or her marriage at risk.

He wants to believe that things are fine. She can understand why he’s hesitant.

liam continues to worry

They rehash kicking Thomas out of the company and Steffy repeats that she’s sure he’s not the same man.

He’s happy that she’s confident, but things can go wrong. What will it mean for Hope then?

He worries about being too controlling. She assures him he’s not and Hope knows it.

steffy repeats that thomas has changed

Liam thanks her for the good talk. She tells him he can talk to her any time.

He’d be happier with her confidence. She urges him not to stress about things that aren’t there.


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In the office, Thomas, Hope, Zende, and Paris go over the latest numbers for the line. They are better than anyone expected. This does not surprise Paris.

zende paris doing numbers

Zende says that Thomas gets Hope and her line better than anyone.

They talk about PR and the new charities to partner with. Hope is thrilled by how everything is going.

going over the numbers for the line

Hope tells the designers she’s very inspired by the direction they are going in. It means a lot that they have her back.

Thomas says they are all thankful to be working on the line. Hope beams at him.

As the meeting breaks up, everyone putters off, telling Thomas how great it is to have him back.

When Hope and Thomas are alone, he tells her how much he appreciates her thinking he’s doing a great job. He respects her and her line…and her marriage.

thomas tells hope how much he respects her

Hope nods and looks off.

They discuss all their mutual respect and understanding. He’s feeling like a normal person and proud of it.

She’s proud of him for making so much progress.

thomas and hope talk about where they are

He tells her that his feelings about her are better and more mature. He’s realized how happy she is with Liam and he’s happy they are happy.

His regrets have humbled him and he is thankful that she is willing to give him another chance in her life.

thomas keeps thanking hope

Hope thanks him and assures him the right woman is out there for him somewhere. He might even be ready for a relationship. She can see he has a lot of love to give.

They lock eyes and she makes goofy faces.

She says maybe he’s already met the right woman. Maybe she’s at Forrester? She picks up his vibe with Paris.

He says that’s only a friendly vibe. She brings up the model from the other day.

Thomas doesn’t think she’s right for him. Besides, he’s busy.

thomas and hope talk dating

Hope keeps urging him to date but he wants to focus on creating the best line humanly possible. He doesn’t think he could do the caliber of work he’s doing with anyone else.

He’s just glad his crazy thought days are over.

She flashes back to fantasizing about sex with him while she was with Liam. She tells Thomas you don’t need to act on your crazy thoughts.

He assures her his crazy thoughts are in the past.

Left alone, Hope continues to fantasize about Thomas touching her and smiles.

hope keeps thinking of thomas

Gulping and clearing her throat, she keeps thinking about sex with Thomas and tells herself that can never happen, never.

hope tells herself never

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