After New Evidence is Revealed, Steffy and Finn Are Shocked When Sheila is Set Free After They Refuse to Press Charges

In the Tuesday, January 10, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, .

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Deacon visited Sheila in jail, and the judge presided over Sheila’s case while Bill watched via hidden camera.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke has brought Taylor take-out. They look forward to Sheila going down.

brooke eats with taylor Bold and beautiful recaps

Brooke hopes that Steffy and Finn will get some closure from the hearing. Taylor hopes it will be cathartic.

Once they give their testimony, it will be the end of the road for Sheila.

As they stuff their faces and hum, they marvel at how they are friends now. They can direct all their anger at each other at Sheila now.

brooke grins Bold and beautiful recaps

Now they can celebrate never being her victims again. They are survivors of Sheila… and Ridge.

Taylor asks how she’s doing with not having someone in her life. Brooke has realized she’s happier putting herself first and doesn’t understand why she used to be so needy.

The doctor thinks they are evolving. Ridge left her at the altar for the last time.

It’s been a few weeks and it still stings. She’s just glad he’s doing some soul-searching.

taylor at brooke's work Bold and beautiful recaps

Taylor starts quizzing her about dating Bill. He always seems to like having a woman in his life.

Brooke says that’s certainly not her or her sister and she has no idea who it would be.

brooke at work Bold and beautiful recaps

Taylor agrees to be her fit model and they start trying on dresses and spinning around.

beauty brooke Bold and beautiful recaps

They tell each other how great they look and how lucky Ridge would be to have either of them. Brooke needs more positive energy.

Taylor knows they are doing the right thing by choosing themselves but that also means time alone.

Brooke suggests they have a girl’s night and eat popcorn while binging on shows.

They wonder what is going on at the court house. Taylor is sure it’s a slam dunk.

After they get back in their normal clothes, Taylor declares she is off to congratulate Steffy and Finn. The nightmare is over. They hug.


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New B&B comings and goings

In Judge McMullen’s office, he asks Finn if he is prepared to affirm his testimony and move forward with the case.

sheila pensive Bold and beautiful recaps

Bill watches by video.

bill watches lawyer and judge bold recaps

Finn stands up and thinks about Bill blackmailing him for his silence in order to keep Taylor out of jail. After looking back and forth, Finn announces he has nothing to say.

Steffy looks at him uncomfortably. Bill is pleased.

The judge is baffled. Finn confirms he is no longer seeking to file charges.

Sheila leaps up to say a few words, to her lawyer’s chagrin.

Sheila says she never meant to hurt anyone and is proud of the man Finn has become. She knows how much he and Steffy adore one another.

Steffy closes her eyes and then glares as Sheila goes on about how loyal Steffy is to her mom and what an incredible woman she is.

Sheila will never forget the chance that Taylor gave her and she just wants the best for her son and his family.

The judge asks Steffy to make statement.

With great difficulty, she stands up. Sheila looks away as Steffy lectures her about the pain she caused her and her family.

Bill worries. Sheila’s lawyer objects. The judge prompts Steffy to just make her statement.

steffy not happy Bold and beautiful recaps

Steffy explains she was hoping to gain some closure and justice would be served whether Sheila was in prison or not.

She will have no role in her future whether she pays for her crimes or not.

“That’s all I have to say,” she ends. The judge isn’t impressed.

Steffy declares she is no longer pressing charges and sits down. Finn tells her she did the right thing. She’s sure there is enough evidence to put he away without them.

The judge gets confirmation they are not pressing charges. Steffy is sure there is plenty of evidence to put her away still.

The judge explains that Mike came forward to confess that he kidnapped Sheila from prison. There’s indisputable evidence corroborating it.

judge macmullen bold recap

Since there is no evidence and they have dropped their charges, he has no choice but to set Sheila free.

Steffy bellows that this is wrong and they can’t do this. Sheila is led out smirking.

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