Steffy Berates Sheila in Prison, Who Gives Her a Warning, and Bill Visualizes His Future With Katie for His Sons

In the Thursday, April 27, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Katie asks Carter what sex with Quinn was like, Finn and Li catch up, and Bill’s sons doubt his plans for Katie.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Thomas apologized to RJ, Wyatt harangued Liam for missing work, and Ridge declared he has not two families but one blended family.

At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn that Amelia has the kids so she tries to tempt him back to bed. It turns out they both have plans anyway.

steffy and finn kissing opening of B&B.

She’s going to confront Sheila. She needs to see her caged.

Once he gets his shirt on, she tells him she loves that he worries but she’ll be fine.

finn wants to see sheila too.

Once she’s gone, his mom arrives for coffee. They chat about how demanding his life is and then he mentions his wife went to see Sheila.

He knows how much Sheila has messed with her life. She wishes she’d never found out Sheila is his mom.

Her marriage may not have survived Sheila, but they have and that’s all that matters.

Sheila paces in her prison cell, desperate to find a way out. She asks the OC if she can get on a computer.

sheila with a guard prison.

He informs her she has a visitor scheduled.

She’s brought down to the visiting room.

Steffy arrives to gloat about seeing her in her “natural habitat.”

steffy visiting sheila prison to taunt her.

Sheila assumes she’s there to kick her while she’s down. Maybe she could show a little human compassion?

Steffy thinks she’s a sociopath and hell will freeze over before she feels an ounce of sympathy for her.

steffy snarks that prison suits sheila.

Sheila thinks she’s being heartless and she should be encouraging her to be part of the family.

Steffy is determined to keep shutting her out.

She has no one to blame but herself. Now she will be stuck in prison for the rest of her life.

Hayes will never know her.

steffy treats sheila unkindly.

Sheila is sure that deep down, Finn loves her. He saved her when he could have let her die.

Steffy says that’s just because saving people is what he does.

She’ll wipe her out of his mind and she’ll be forgotten.

“I am going to be back!” Sheila says, warning she hasn’t seen the last of her.

Steffy exits.


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At Bill’s place, his son’s try to explain why they acquired a streaming channel that no one is watching.

They try and justify their plans to re-brand it and assume he hates it.

wyatt and liam talk about a new streaming service they added.

To their shock, their father loves the idea and commends them on acquiring a new toy.

He’s proud of them and all they did over his “disgusting months with Sheila.”

He’s planning to get back the time he lost with Katie.

bill loves wyatt and liam's idea.

His sons are surprised she’s back on his agenda.

They remind him of his history with her.

wyatt and liam shocked bill wants katie back still.

Bill is confident he has another shot with her.

They remind her about what happened with Brooke.

Their father remains determined. He will get another chance with Katie and not blow it. Carter can move on.

His sons know he can pull off the impossible.

Bill plans to whisk her away for a few months. Liam reminds him she has work.

Bill continues his “visualization,” including some house hunting.

Liam suggests he may be underestimating Katie’s connection with Carter.

liam thinks bill underestimates katie and carter connection

His father shakes his head.

The brothers are glad to have him back.

Bill says he’s already made it clear to Carter that Katie will come back to him.

Katie wakes up in bed with Carter. He’s been watching her sleep.

They like that and make out.

katie asleep.

He makes her feel beautiful…and some other things.

She wishes they could stay in bed all day long.

He reminds her she has a date with Bill.

She claims it is not a date and is sorry if it bothers him.

It doesn’t but he doesn’t trust Bill. They make out.

After she flops back with a “wow,” she says she may have found the cure to the world’s ills. All people need to do is wake up with him.

carter and katie bask in the sex afterglow.

She asks what it was like to have sex with Quinn.

He doesn’t want to talk about that but she really wants to know.

After humming, he says it was a bad time for both of them. They felt unseen except when they were together.

They had incredible sex. But that’s all it was because she left.

What they have is real. They make love and that’s better.

She agrees that it’s the best.

katie and carter sex in bed.

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