Sheila Survives the Fall, Steals Bill’s Car and Speeds Off with Him in Pursuit and Then Begs Deacon to Run Away with Her

In the Wednesday, March 29, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Bill and Ridge freak out that Sheila survived the fall, and Hope assures Deacon that things will be fine with Thomas.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Bill revealed he set Sheila up, she tried to attack him but fell over the balcony.

At Bill’s, he tells Sheila that she confessed to first degree murder. No one comes back to that and she will never be a free woman again.

sheila freaks out

She lunges at him and goes out the window, flipping over the balcony to the ground.

sheila falls over Bill's balcony

Ridge and the FBI agents start freaking out.

Bill takes a second look over the balcony. Sheila is gone and now speeding the motorway.

sheila speeds away

Back at the house, Bill calls Ridge and tells him Sheila took the car and took off.

Bill yells on a call to Ridge that sheila is gone not dead

FBI agent Chen calls Chief Baker to put him on alert and Ridge tries to understand how any of this is happening.

ridge and chen shocked sheila fell off the balcony B&B recaps

As Sheila drives, she thinks of all the things Bill said to her and wonders how she could have been stupid enough to believe his lies.

sheila puts the petal to the metal driving in LA

Screaming, she puts her foot on the gas. She thinks of how Bill lied to her and vows never to return to prison.

Bill drives, recalling Sheila’s confessions to murder. He calls Ridge. They both assume she’s headed for Deacon’s.

Bill driving after sheila

“She won’t get away with time,” Bill says.


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At Il Giardino, Deacon thinks of Sheila telling him of Bill’s proposal. She thought it was too good to be true.

deacon thinks of sheila at work

Hope shows up to interrupt his ruminations. She senses he’s not okay and broody.

hope quizzes broody deacon

He tells her his mental real estate has been taken up by the stress of running a restaurant. Deacon doesn’t want her worrying about him so they talk about how great it is to have Douglas back at home.

She feels like she missed a lot and worries about how she will react when he actually moves out of home. Her father advises her to treat it like a martial art and just focus on the mind.

deacon gives hope advice

Hope admires his wisdom and tells him that she and Thomas are in a good place now. That’s part of why Douglas came home.

Her dad asks if “Darth Thomas” might go to the darkside again. She insists he’s in a better place now and is backing up with action. One backslide and he’s out of there.

Hope needs Deacon to trust her. He does. He’s just worrying because he’s her dad.

Deacon makes her promise to kick Thomas to the curb if he misbehaves. He asks how “the vegan” Liam feels about this. She knows he’s not thrilled.

hope is optimistic

Her father hopes this causes no problems for her marriage. She says they won’t let it.

He wishes her all the luck in the world and encourages her to be careful.

She doesn’t think they need to worry about him while Sheila is on the loose. Hope can still hardly believe that Sheila and Bill are together. She sees her waltzing around Beverly Hills and worries about what’s next.

hope worries about sheila to deacon

He suggests they take this one step a time. Life is funny and will work itself out.

She’s confused when he suggests they don’t need to worry about Sheila any longer. He suddenly gets a text from Sheila begging for a meeting.

Deacon tells his daughter he loves her and hopes she can be proud of him but he’s got to run. He hugs her and takes off.

Deacon meets Sheila in his apartment and she immediately starts telling him about how Bill has played her. She told Bill things she shouldn’t have. She swears that what happened to Garvin was an accident but she had to kill Lance.

sheila goes to deacon after being duped by bill

He’s shocked she confessed to Bill. She knows it was stupid but she wanted to be open and honest. He reacted strangely and an alarm went off for her. Then she caught him telling the Feds that they got her.

The whole thing has been a set-up. All she did was monitored. Bill hates her and wants her in prison.

sheila details what bill did to her

She begs Deacon to run away with her. “Please, I love you,” she says.

deacon not sure if he wants to go away with sheila

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