Skeptical Sheila Rejects Bill’s Proposal and Asks if He’s Playing Her for a Fool

In the Friday, March 24, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Hope and Thomas talk about how great it is to work together again, Bill wants this Sheila situation resolved, and Sheila shares her doubts with Deacon.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Ridge and Bill bickered about how he handled the proposal, and Sheila told Deacon about it and wondered if it’s too good to be true.

In Deacon’s den, Sheila shows him the black diamond ring Bill gave her. “It’s black like Spencer’s heart,” Deacon says. She can’t believe this is happening.

Deacon checks out the big diamond rock Bill gave Sheila

Sheila thinks that Bill really loves her. Deacon is shocked he didn’t slip a prenup into the ring case.

“I’m going to be free and I’m going to be filthy rich! I really have to wonder if this is really Bill Spencer,” she says. Deacon is confused.

She’s realized this is all a little too amazing. It feels like the real deal.

sheila and deacon talk about her marrying bill

Sheila reminds Deacon she cares about him, but this is everything she’s ever wanted. Yet, she can’t help but think Bill has been “compromised” somehow.

Deacon tells her how intoxicating she is. She senses there is something missing with Bill.

“Like a brain, a conscience, maybe a soul?” he wonders. If the Prince of Darkness wants to marry her without a prenup, that should tell her something.

He urges her not to overthink this., If Bill makes her happy, that’s where she should be.

At Bill’s, he paces and talks to “Dressmaker” Ridge over the phone. He can’t stand another moment with Sheila so the proposal he made better work.

ridge and chen watch Bill rant about sheila

Ridge urges him to hang in because this is almost over. They bicker about Bill having to listen to jokes from a man in a “samurai bun” and Bill doubles up on his vow to take Sheila down.

This is driving Bill crazy. Ridge thinks he was crazy already.

Bill calls Sheila and she tells him she’s still processing things. She’s speechless and doesn’t know what to say. He tells her to get home so they can plan their future.

bill on call with sheila says he loves her

Shaking his head after he hangs up, he calls Ridge, who complains he’s using too many “I love yous.” Bill says you need cheese to catch a rat.

Back at Deacon’s, he and Sheila are both still shocked by the proposal. He gives her a hug and says he will never forget her but she’s got to go and make her future.


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Back at Bill’s, he scatters rose petals and lights candles as Sheila arrives. Handing her a glass of wine, he tells them there is so much ahead for them.

sheila and bill as he tries to convince her to marry him

She puts the glass down and says he head is spinning. Marriage is a real commitment.

Bill says they’ve been on a crazy ride, one no one would have expected. They’ve been trying with the wrong people. He’s burned every bridge and would do it all again because she means that much to him.

He can’t give her the life she deserves if she keep a wall up between them. Stroking her arms, he asks her to let him change her life.

bill begs sheila for an answer

Sheila admits she’s fantasized about this moment her whole life. She’s always wanted to be cherished but gave up hope after being abandoned. He’s everything she’s ever dreamed of. He’s a man she can trust.

She wants to believe all he’s said, but she’s learned a lot in life and when things seem too good to be true, they are.

“What’s really happening here? Are you playing me for a fool Bill?” she asks.

sheila is on to bill

Ridge watches and gasps.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas and Hope feel like they’ve fallen back into their groove. She’s seen all the hard work he’s done and is glad he’s back.

hope thinks thomas is doing a great job at work and trying to be a better man B&B recaps

Awkwardly, Hope brings up the conversation he had with his sister about her saying he’s hot. Thomas assures her that their working together is just about work.

He flashes back to them preparing their last line together and how close they were.

Thomas promises not to make anything weird between them again.

As they look over his latest designs, she says they are a real departure. He wanted them to reflect how she’s changed.

hope thinks thomas is a changed man B&B recaps

He shows her the shoes that Zende suggested for another design and she’s impressed.

Working with Thomas feels good to her again. He asks how Liam feels about it. She assures him they are fine.

A model comes in and tries on a new outfit. It’s everything Hope was wanting from the upcoming line. She’s giddy about Thomas being back.

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