After Sheila and Deacon Have Sex, They Worry Bill Might Kill Them For It, and Hope Will Consider Thomas Returning if Brooke Forgives Him

In the Monday, March 6, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy worries about how Liam will react to a Thomas return, Thomas tells Hope they can be role models, and Bill assures Liam he’s not giving Sheila a blank check.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Sheila revealed Bill was driving her crazy before she cheated on him with Deacon, as Bill vowed to make her pay if she messed up.

At Bill’s, Liam reminds his father that Sheila always ends up sabotaging herself. Bill says that it won’t end well for her if she betrays him.

liam snaps that sheila will do something wrong soon B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Liam claims he’s all for second chances but Sheila is beyond that.

His father insists he’s not giving her a blank check.

“What’s the endgame here, dad?” Liam asks him.

He wonders if he’s trying to prove that he can do things mere mortals can’t, like taming Sheila.

bill and liam talk sheila B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

“I didn’t tame her,” Bill says. He knows she can’t be controlled and neither can he.

That sounds like the old Bill to Liam.

But he doesn’t think all of this is just about him flexing his muscles. He’s more pragmatic than that.

Liam can’t understand why Sheila matters to him. If there’s more going on, he wants to know what it is.

Bill claims he doesn’t know what he wants him to say.

This only frustrates Liam. He asks him to promise he is keeping an eye on her.

At Deacon’s, he and Sheila make out against his door.

They make it to the middle of the room and stop to pant.

sheila and deacon going at it B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

As they undress each other, she worries about what Bill would say if he finds out about this. He already hates him.

“I hate him too,” Deacon says. They laugh and fall into bed.

deacon makes out with sheila B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Once they are exhausted and flop over, he tells her he’s glad she stopped by.

He’s never met a woman as crazy as her before.

They go at it again.

sheila has sex with deacon in his bed B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Laying back, they catch their breath. He says that when they are together, they have a sense of belonging.

She claims she needed to connect and relax a little.

Deacon kissing Sheila's leg after sex B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Looking around, she remembers that Bill is the only thing standing between her and prison.

He reminds her that Bill is more dangerous than prison. If they go forward, they need to recognize how dangerous Bill is.

Sheila says that Bill can never know about this. He could kill them both.

sheila cheats on Bill with Deacon B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy tells her mom how much Hope for the Future needs Thomas to come back.

Taylor tells her that Thomas needs that too.

steffy worries hope won't take thomas back B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Steffy knows how complicated this is. She worries about how Liam will react.

They stare into space. The doctor is sure that Thomas and Hope talking is a good thing.

They return to worrying about Liam. If Hope agrees to let Thomas return, this could cause problems in her marriage.

taylor thinks liam and hope will have marital issues B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Down the hall, Thomas asks Hope if she can trust him enough to come back. She worries about Douglas but he thinks this could be a great opportunity for their son to see them working together.

hope tries to accept thomas B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

This is a chance for them to be role models for their son. Charlie calls to warn her Thomas is in the building.

Thomas gets back to saying that everyone is right to want him to pay for what he did. She needs him to feel remorse.

He’s sorry. She wants to believe that but he’s done things like this before. Hope’s not sure how she’s supposed to believe him.

He really wants this to be different this time.

Thomas apologizes to Hope B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

He knows she has every reason to be skeptical but he’s working on himself with a professional this time.

She thinks he’s asking her to take a very big risk. He promises not to let her down.

Steffy and Taylor interrupt and ask if there is any news. Steffy says she needs to know if she has to take action.

Hope is still wrapping her head around this. She will consider Thomas’ idea that their son will be thrilled to see them working together.

Steffy asks Hope how Liam would react if Thomas came back.

Hope isn’t ruling the return out, but there are people she needs to convince. She asks him to convince her mom to forgive him while she talks to Liam.

After that, they can meet again and talk this over.

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