Sheila Confesses to Murder After she and Bill Get Engaged, and Steffy and Finn Lock Themselves Into the Office for Romance

In the Friday, March 24, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila demands answers from Bill, Ridge worries, Katie starts to wonder what Bill is up to, and Steffy and Finn kiss and canoodle.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Hope and Thomas talked about how great it was to work together again, Bill wanted this Sheila situation resolved, and Sheila shared her doubts with Deacon before accusing Bill of playing her for a fool.

In the design room at Forrester, Katie and Brooke talk about how floored Carter was when he learned Thomas was back on the payroll.

katie in design office at forrester creations

Talk turns to Bill and they wish that he would drop Sheila from his life.

Katie wonders what Bill’s really up to since he’s been so secretive.

How could he throw it all away for this psycho?

They hope Sheila will be out of all of their lives soon.

brooke talks to katie at forrester

In the main office, Finn and Steffy kiss.

He snuck away from the hospital since his surgery was postponed.

Steffy locked the door and wants to take full advantage of her husband.

finn and steffy afternoon sex

They start making out again and she kisses his neck.

He tells her they need more of these stolen moments, especially with Sheila out.

She wants to make out for another three minutes instead of talking about Sheila. They kiss.

steffy and finn make out at the office

Later, their jackets are off and they’re on the sofa making out when talk turns to what Bill’s been doing “defending that monster.”

Steffy wonders where her dad has been.

Ridge usually checks in and she wonders why he’s not home to help them.

She wonders if he moved somewhere gorgeous.

Finn’s sure her dad will be back soon. For now, he just wants to enjoy them.

He reminds her he vowed to have and hold her to eternity.

She grins and kisses him.

finn and steffy sex sofa

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At Bill’s, Sheila asks if Dollar Bill has been playing her. He acts surprised. She whips out the ring. “What is this?”

He says he asked her to marry him. She calls it unreal and it’d only happen in her wildest dreams which makes her wonder what’s really going on.

Ridge and Chen watch from the FBI headquarters and Ridge mutters for Bill to hold it together.

Bill asks if he’s pushing Sheila too fast. Ridge urges Bill to tell Sheila what she wants to hear as Bill tells the woman that he knows she’s been burned before.

He has too.

sheila thinks bill is playing her

Neither likes being betrayed which he says is why he understands.

Men don’t accept her. They run from her which is why she’s so guarded.

Sheila asks, “Am I afraid or guarded, or suspicious or am I just smart and perceptive?”

She asks if she’s right and if Bill’s up to no good. Bill acts hurt and says he’s done everything for her. Burned bridges for her.

He’s flawed and has his demons. He’s committed crimes just like her but he deserves love.

bill begs sheila marry him

Bill thought he found that in her.

Dollar Bill asks again to let him put the ring on Sheila’s finger and give her the life she deserves.

“Yes,” she says and tears up. They hug as Sheila says she’d love to be his wife.

In the FBI headquarters, Ridge and Chen are happy.

They hope he’ll get her to open up to Murder One so they can put her away.

Bill slips the engagement ring on Sheila’s finger. He tells her he knows what he wants for his future and never wants to have to wonder where she is.

To do it, they need a foundation of openness and honesty. Trust.

He’s been upfront but he wants her to share her past that prevents her from giving all of herself to him.

He needs to hear it all. She insists he knows she shot Finn and Steffy. Sheila says there was a doctor. Dr. Jay Garvin was a therapist who treated her.

He threatened her and they had a struggle on the balcony. Bill asks what happened.

sheila and bill engaged

She says he grabbed her and he shook free and fell over the balcony and died. His death was tragic. She cries that she never meant to kill him. He fell. 

Ridige yells, “What? What the hell?”

Bill’s sorry she went through that. She feels better and admits she never told anyone this.

She tells him about a man, Lance, who was allergic to bees who threatened her.

He sent bees into his bedroom and he was stung repeatedly and died. She admits she stood there and watched him die.

sheila and bill monitor

On purpose. “You murdered Lance Day,” Bill says. “Yes, Bill. I’m a murderer,” she says.

Ridge cheers that they’ve got her.

Bill says, “That’s so hot. You naughty, naughty girl. Say it again.” 

She again says she’s a murderer. Bill grins.

sheila and bill as she explains she's a murderer

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