Ridge Almost Kisses Taylor, Hope Barks at Steffy to Stay Out of her Marriage, and Confesses to Brooke She Has Feelings For Thomas

In the Tuesday, May 30, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge almost kisses Taylor who asks if Brooke has broken their pact, while Hope complains about Steffy to her mother.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where RJ prodded Ridge about Taylor and Brooke, Taylor gave Deacon another push toward Brooke, and Hope reminded Liam of their marriage is important.

Hope paces the design room at Forrester Creations as she complains to Steffy that Thomas doesn’t need protection from her.

Steffy needed to protect him because he’s not the problem. Hope is.

Hope tells her to do her a favor and stay out of her business. She’s committed to her husband. Steffy shrugs and says if that’s true then fine.

hope questions steffy

In the CEO office, Taylor brings Ridge pizza from Il Giardino where she was with Brooke.

He invites her to dine with him but she’s eaten. She could stay as long as it’s not a date.

He’s forgotten what that’s like. She tells him it’s finishing dinner and getting lost in eye contact.

She gazes at him as she says the mind races, the heart pounds and then…he moves in to kiss her and she stops him.

taylor with ridge

Then they pay for dinner. She giggles and he tells her that almost kiss was the most action he’s gotten since she and Brooke hung him out to dry. She says she’s done with him but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t think of him.

He tilts his head a little as he looks at her. She has given him a spring in his step.

She reluctantly admits she doesn’t think Brooke’s being transparent when it comes to them.

She asks if Brooke has broken their pact and he flashes to the kiss he shared with her at New Year’s and the touching when they were alone at her house after dinner.

taylor asks if brooke broke pact

He hesitantly says no and she can tell something happened. Charlie interrupts. He heard they were going to Rome. He has his passport renewed but Ridge says they could use him there for inventory.

Ridge tries to get rid of him but he tells Taylor he had this dream.

Ridge says it’s enough and when Charlie tries to leave, he runs into Steffy and tries out his terrible Italian before he goes.

Steffy’s in a bad mood and spills that she thinks Hope has feelings for Thomas. Steffy thinks Liam was right about there being a vibe from them.

Ridge knows his son has changed but Taylor says the vibe must be coming from Hope.

Steffy knows she loves Liam and doesn’t think she was looking for this.

Taylor knows she wasn’t trying to interfere. Whatever happens now is up to Hope. Once Taylor’s gone, Ridge worries about Hope.

This is a bad time with the review coming. Steffy wants to believe that Hope’s not interested in Thomas.

steffy with charlie

Brooke arrives at the design office after getting a text from Hope who spits that Steffy’s interfering in her marriage.

Brooke doesn’t get it. Hope snipes that it’s what Steffy does. It’s not the first time.

brooke and hope discuss steffy interference

Brooke clarifies that Steffy’s wrong and Hope says yes.

She bitches about all the things Thomas has done and that Steffy can only talk about how Steffy said that she saw them caressing and staring intimately into his eyes.

“Give me a break,” she gripes. Brooke asks if there’s validity to this. Be honest. Is Steffy right?

Hope argues that they’ve been over this. She admits Thomas is good-looking and funny and that they work together a lot.

She “might have felt a little something,” she says.

“For Thomas?” Brooke says, freaking out. 

hope thinks thomas funny and good looking

Hope calls it nothing and normal for people to have “thoughts and desires” and that it’s okay as long as you don’t act on them.

Brooke thinks it’s dangerous but Hope insists she’s in control.

She wishes Steffy “would keep her big mouth shut” and accuses her of gossiping.

She starts to cry and says she won’t do anything to ruin her marriage to the love of her life.

Once Brooke’s gone, Hope thinks of Steffy’s questions and leaves Liam a message to tell him she loves him and their life together.

brooke shocked hope wants thomas

Alone in her office, Taylor thinks of kissing Ridge in Monaco.

She hears Brooke’s voice and her assistant lets her in. She asks if Taylor has spoken to Steffy.

Taylor says yes and Brooke confronts her for the things Steffy said to Hope about Thomas.

taylor thinks of ridge

Taylor says she was just defending her brother.

Brooke asks if there is more motivation and Taylor is confused. Steffy was being a protective little sister. Brooke argues that she was pointing fingers and trying to tear apart their marriage. Taylor denies it. That’s unfair.

Brooke says it doesn’t matter. Hope would never cheat on Liam.

Taylor says nobody was saying she was. Brooke asks if they’re friends. “Mmhmm,” Taylor hums.

Brooke asks her BFF to step up and help her by telling Steffy to take back what she said to Liam. It wasn’t fair. She won’t let her daughter stand between Hope and Liam.

taylor and brooke argue

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