Ridge and Brooke Are Amazed by RJ’s Unexpected Return, and Sheila Tells Deacon Not to Wait for Her

In the Friday, April 21, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke tells Hope she misses RJ, Bill asks Katie to dinner, and Sheila doesn’t hate Deacon.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Bill told Katie he needed her and asked if she still loves him as Deacon visited Sheila to beg her not to hate him.

Brooke stops by the cabin to see her daughter. Brooke is reassured about Thomas and Hope adds she already reassured Deacon about this today.

hope reassures brooke again

Hope is confused as her mom rambles. Eventually, she realizes she’s talking about RJ.

Brooke wishes he was making his “crazy cartoons” in LA. Hope says he’s living his best life.

brooke giggles about hope being fave kid

Her mom thanks her for being the child that stays. Giggling Hope wonders if that makes her the favorite.

hope asks if she's the fave kid

Ridge is sketching at Forrester Creations when Charlie comes in and declares how great it is to see him at his drafting table.

ridge interrupted

Charlie explains he was just checking it was really him and not some “whackazoid” pretending to be him. He offers to park himself there and guard the place.

charlie describes the whackazoid

As the guard exits to the foyer, Ridge wonders why he’s paying him.

Charlie returns in a few minutes and explains there is someone he should meet. Ridge is in the groove and doesn’t want to be interrupted.

Reluctantly, Charlie backs off. There’s a knock at the door. It’s RJ.

RJ first scene

“Ridge Junior. Now I get it,” Ridge says, hugging his son. He thinks he looks good and they talk about his career as an influencer.

Ridge happy to see RJ

RJ explains he didn’t tip anyone off about his return. They hug again.

Ridge is happy for him running all over the world. He’s even happier when his son hands him his favorite Danish licorice.

They chat about the Sheila situation and RJ jokes he could become a cop. Ridge tells him how much his mom misses him until the hear Brooke in the hall.

RJ hides behind a screen and then jumps out to surprise her. She thinks this is bizarre and hopes it means he will be staying for a while.

rj and brookie

He tells them how successful his channel has been. There are travel offers on the table, but he wants to stick around and post some LA content.

brooke and rj catch up

The three of them hug and smile.


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In her office, Bill tells Katie that she still loves him. He’s sure she’s hesitant to admit it with Carter standing right there.

bill wants katie back, asks in front of carter

Katie says he’s putting her on the spot and stumbles through admitting she cares about him. He says they are part of a family and he wants it all back.

Carter knows Katie will always love him, but that doesn’t have the same meaning for her that it does for him. He and Katie are together now.

katie and carter listen to bill's overtures

Bill says he has a lot of making up to do and asks her to dinner.

Bill wants his katie

She’s afraid this will give him false hope. He thinks she’s afraid to realize they belong together.

She doesn’t want to disrespect what she has with Carter. Bill is sure he isn’t afraid of a little competition.

Carter says she can eat with whoever she wants. He’ll continue wanting her in his life.

carter reminds bill he and katie are together

Bill says he can want that but he’s going to win her back by proving she’s the only woman in the world for him.

At the prison, Deacon begs Sheila to tell him she doesn’t hate him. She points out he stabbed her in the back.

sheila gets visit deacon prison

He says he was cornered and Bill and Ridge gave him a way out. Sheila admits she could never hate him after all he did for her.

She knows how much he risked for her and she’ll never forget all the moments they shared. They flash back to their affair in his little apartment.

“Such happy memories…and now I’m stuck here,” she says before asking what’s next for his sexy self. He was granted clemency.

She claims to be happy for him. Helping to put her in there is likely the smartest thing he ever did. He has his whole future ahead of him.

Sheila tells him to go and live his life. “Don’t wait for me, daddy,” she says.

Deacon is moved.

deacon is upset Sheila asks him it move on

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