The Police Chase Sheila Down the Highway, and Bill Offers to Remove His Necklace for Katie, But She’s Not Interested

In the Monday, December 19, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Eric encourages Carter to be with Katie, Bill continues begging Katie to stay with him, and Steffy and Finn get confirmation Sheila is alive.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Brooke and Taylor ate cake as friends to celebrate dumping Ridge, while Bill cried, begging Katie for another chance.

In the office at Forrester Creations, Finn admits that he would like to applaud Brooke and Taylor but he can’t get Sheila off his mind.

finn steffy talk sheila alive B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

She’s still freaked out about bumping into Sheila.

Baker enters. They hope he has news.

He explains that they checked the cameras of nearby establishments and caught a flash of her.

Pulling out a photo, he says they have a direct match confirmed by facial recognition.

There is no doubt she’s alive.

baker photo B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

“I knew it!” blurts Finn.

“All this time, Sheila really has been alive,” Steffy adds.

finn steffy in shock B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

The chief commends them for pursuing this.

Otherwise, they would have left the case closed.

He adds they also got shots of the car that Sheila stole.

They are circling in on her and it’s only a matter of time until she is arrested.

baker news B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

A cop calls to say that he’s spotted Sheila’s car and is in pursuit.

cop chase B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

The cop chases as Sheila tries to speed away.

sheila drive B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Carter is surprised when Eric comes to his office to see him. The Forrester points out they haven’t talked since all that happened with Quinn.

eric hopes carter happy B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Eric has Donna and she makes him happy.

He wants Carter to be happy too.

He asks if it’s true that he and Katie are getting close.

Carter confirms it.

She’s very important to Eric and he’d hate to see her get hurt.

Walton tells him that he’s hopeful, but it’s up to Katie.

The one thing he knows is that Bill isn’t good for her.

carter eric talk quinn B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Eric wishes him luck. Katie has tried to move on before and failed.

Carter thinks that she’s finally committed to finding a man who doesn’t have eyes for her sister.

If she were with him, she wouldn’t have to question his commitment.

Eric suggests he tell her that under some mistletoe and invites him over to the house for the get together she will be at.

They discuss her being with Bill as they speak and how it must be a ploy by Spencer to get her back.

carter eric talk quinn B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers


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At his place, Bill can sense that Katie is guarded but assumes she still cares about him.

He says that tonight could mean a new beginning for them.

bill katie plan B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

He suggests they take a cruise with Will so they can bond as a family again. He wants that more than she can possibly imagine.

Bill suggests they go away for months. She’s his anchor and he’s been floating aimlessly without her.

bill ideaB&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

“I need you Katie, like never before,” he says. He can’t live alone anymore.

She thinks he’s just lonely.

katie listens to begging B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

“I feel like I’m losing myself,” he says.

She reminds him of what his necklace and asks if he thinks it will lead him back to who he wants to be.

Sobbing, Bill begs for her to anchor him.

Katie can’t do that. It’s too much. She thinks he actually wants to float and do what he wants to do.

He keeps repeating he needs her.

bill katie flowers B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Leaping away, Katie asks about he needs. She can’t be with him and she can’t give him what he needs.

When she wants to leave, he tells her he can’t stand who he is without her. He’s not a good person.

She insists he’s not bad.

He thinks that’s only when she’s leading the way for him. Bill appreciates her more than ever and wants her back.

Offering to throw his necklace away, he explains he won’t need it’s protection if he has her by his side and place the necklace in her hands.

Desperate to talk more, Bill begs her to stay but she thinks it’s time to go.

katie weeps B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

He swears that he will be the man she wants him to be.

“It’s now or never,” he says.

Carter shows up. She texted him to pick her up.

Bill looks furious. He whimpers to Katie that she belongs there with him.

Pressing the necklace back into his hands, Katie says goodbye and walks out with the other man.

Bill puts his necklace back on.

bill necklace B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

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