Paul the Bartender Flirts With Brooke, and Thomas Hurls Accusations at Steffy Who Reminds Him He Created This Situation

In the Monday, February 20, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas begs Steffy to let him see his son, and Taylor encourages Brooke to respond to their waiter’s flirting.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Thomas was thrown into a rage when Steffy refused to let him see Douglas after she’d Promised Hope she would protect him.

At the cliff house, Finn suggests that Thomas leave before he upsets Douglas. This upsets Thomas, who wants to check and see how his son is doing.

Steffy makes it clear that just because his son is living there does not mean he has access whenever he wants.

Thomas refuses to let anyone keep him from his son.

His sister isn’t trying to tell him what to do. He says she can’t throw her weight around when it comes to his son. This isn’t the office.

Neither of them wants this to be a big deal. He feels like they are keeping his son from him.

thomas yells at sister B&B recaps

She suggests he call next time so they can be prepared.

Thomas complains about all the pain he is in. His sister reminds him that he created this situation and Finn reminds him of what he did.

Steffy and their parents were on his side and wanted to believe he’d changed.

Her brother tells her how much he hates the way things are. She suggests he not make things worse.

She suggests he respect the fact that his son needs to adjust. He needs to accept this situation.

steffy thinks thomas would stress his kid out

Thomas repeats that he loves his son and he’s not going to lose him. He needs her to welcome him back into the fold, not be the gatekeeper who keeps him out.

He pleads for her not to come between him and his son.

Once Thomas is gone, Steffy checks on Douglas and then returns to Finn.

They worry about Thomas and his resentments. She’s always sensed her brother’s jealousy.

Douglas has to be her priority. Her husband says they will have to wait to see what he wants.

steffy and finn against thomas B&B recaps

She says they can’t let the little boy down. But it’s all so tough with her brother. This whole situation is making things worse.

Steffy loves her brother and is sure he can be a good father. She just prays that day will come soon.

Thomas returns to Paris’ place and thinks about spending time with his son.

“We’ll get back to the way we were,” he tells a photo of his son, promising to be the father he deserves.


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At Il Giardino, Taylor and Brooke are digesting their meal and trying to figure out if they should order dessert or not. Doc is always up for a sweet bite.

Paul the waiter steps over to tell them to enjoy life as much as possible and calls Brooke a “beautiful woman.”

After he fetches the menu, Brooke mulls it over and decides to pass on the dessert.

“The chocolate cake or the waiter?” Taylor says, suggesting that he wants to serve her “decadence” on a plate.

Brooke says he’s too young. Besides, he is probably following Deacon’s orders or looking for big a tip.

Taylor stops herself from cracking a joke and they fan themselves with their menus.

She pushes Brooke to admit that Paul is hot. Brooke says he probably flirts with everyone.

He didn’t flirt with Taylor. Brooke tells her how great she is.

taylor thinks paul flirting with brooke B&B recaps

Taylor tells her that she’s beautiful inside and out, a real free spirit. That might be the roadmap to happiness.

Brooke reminds her it’s been a roadmap to a lot of trouble and heartbreak. Taylor blames Ridge for that.

Paul comes back and asks if he can entice the ladies. Brooke passes. He asks if there’s anything else he can do for her.

She just wants to get the check. Taylor gets his name. He’s “Hollis” to his friends.

Once he steps off, Taylor teases Brooke some more about Hollis.

Paul (Hollis) bartender B&B recaps

Brooke laughs until she snorts. She tells her friend that she is reading into this.

Taylor says that young mister Hollis is “in his feels” and “goo-goo ga-ga” for her.

Brooke strokes her hand and tells her their friendship is more important right now.

Taylor repeats that the waiter is cute.

Hollis (Paul bartender) B&B recaps

Her friend only wants to talk about their unexpected friendship. She asks her to move in again.

Taylor is still “noodling” it around but may take her up on that.

Hollis returns and claims there was something glitchy with Brooke’s card so he asks for her number so he can text the receipt to her.

After he walks off with it, Taylor teases her. Brooke claims he just wants to send her a receipt.

brooke stares at hollis paul bartender flirty B&B recaps

In a moment, he sends her a text with his number and an emoji she can’t understand. The doctor explains it’s the smirky face and that means read between the lines.

Brooke’s jaw drops. She shakes her head. Hollis smiles at her and she smiles back.

Taylor notices she seems flustered.

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