Mike Visits Sheila In Jail And She’s Confident She’ll Be Released Soon, While Steffy’s Rocked By Bill’s Reveal and Li Taunts Sheila

In the Wednesday, January 4, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, 

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Wyatt and Liam questioned Bill about what happened with Sheila, and Katie and Carter were eager to get answers about the arrest.

At Bill’s house, Steffy can see it in Bill’s eyes that the two women he loved most rejected him and along came Sheila, who sensed his vulnerability and preyed on it.

She calls her a dangerous psychopath who shouldn’t see the light of day. She’s glad Bill finally realized it. Bill looks grim but says nothing.

steffy asks bill to keep quiet about her mom shooting him bold and beautiful recaps

She just wants to ensure they’re good and that he’ll never threaten her mother again.

She says Taylor wasn’t in her right mind when she tried to murder him.

She’s a good person. Bill isn’t sure about that so Steffy says she dangled off a roof to save Sheila’s life.

Steffy says Sheila can never get out of jail. Bill hears what she’s saying. She’s right about all of it. Sheila’s hurt so many and destroyed lives.

Steffy’s relieved he agrees. Bill says he’s hurt people too, only to be filled with remorse after the damage he caused.

It’s why he understands Sheila. Steffy narrows her eyes. Bill tells her he could never hurt Sheila.

steffy doesn't want bill to get sheila out of jail bold and beautiful recaps

He has an emptiness in his heart after hurting every woman he’s ever loved. He needs someone who can handle him, a woman he can’t hurt. One who will stick. “Like Sheila.”

Steffy tells him he’s talking crazy. She knows he’s lonely and hurting but Sheila isn’t the answer.

He disagrees. She can’t believe he’d entertain the thought of turning her mother in and be with Sheila. She demands that he not say anything about the shooting.

He says nothing. She begs. Sheila will use him. Bil remembers the blood bond they shared before he turned Sheila in and how Sheila claimed she loved Bill.

He won’t let Sheila spend her life in prison. “Sheila’s life for your mother’s freedom,” he says. That’s his deal.

steffy freaks out on bill  B&B recaps soapsspoilers

At L.A. county lockup, Sheila waits for a visitor. She’s surprised when she sees Mike. “Of all the gin joints,” he says.

She asks what he’s doing there. He pulled strings to see her. She tells him this is temporary. He doesn’t recommend her breaking out on her own.

She won’t try to escape. She won’t have to. He asks if she’ll get another guard to let her out by flashing that smile.

sheila gets visitors  B&B recaps

“Aim it at me, you can have anything I’ve got.” He admits he hasn’t anything to give right now.

She’s sorry he ended up back in here. He reminds her he loves her and says they’re sort of together.

mike sees sheila in jail bold and beautiful recaps

She tells him to enjoy it because her days “in this hellhole are numbered.” The guard asks Mike to hurry. He could get in trouble for this.

Mike says goodbye.

He’ll be thinking of her in her cell. She should do the same. Sheila says she has connections.

She’s not going to be there long.

mike in prison bold and beautiful recaps

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At the cliff house, Finn waits for Steffy to text. Li arrives, happy to hear Sheila’s been captured.

After everything, being locked up is what she deserves. She should never walk free. They reminisce about her kidnapping and how Li beat the crap out of Sheila and escaped captivity only for Sheila to run her off the pier and into the water.

Finn will never forgive her. They recap what happened last year.

li glad sheila in jail bold and beautiful recaps

Li’s glad Bill is responsible for Sheila being taken in. She asks why Bill was with SHeila at his house.

Finn says he has a history with her.

She suddenly doesn’t care why. She’s out of her son’s life and they never have to think about her again. He sighs.

He hopes not. He’s sorry for what she went through.

finn sorry b&b recaps

Li visits Sheila in jail to tell her there’s no way out this time since Mike Guthrie’s in there with her. Sheila scoffs. Li tells her that Finn’s glad she’s in there, locked up.

They’ve all been glad for judgment day. She calls Finn her son and Sheila corrects her. “Our son.” Li says no, he’s hers.

When she tells Carter that she’ll be there for the rest of her life, Sheila begins to laugh, maniacally. 

li visit sheila jail  B&B recaps

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