Liam Worries to Steffy That Something if Off with Hope, and Ridge Begs RJ on Repeat to Come to Work With Him

In the Tuesday, April 25, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge wants RJ to work at Forrester, Liam continues to worry about Thomas to Steffy, and Thomas prods his mom for how she thinks RJ’s return could shake things up.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where RJ’s family were thrilled to welcome him back, but Taylor and Thomas both wondered how his return will affect them.

In the office at Forrester Creations, RJ’s family joke he should have told them he was coming because they would have thrown a party.

Brooke is happy to have the baby of the family back.

rj with his family

They have another group hug.

He tells Hope that her line has been killing it.

Ridge is happy he’s been paying attention to the company and offers to find him a desk by Donna and Pam.

rj smiles on bold and beautiful.

RJ is very proud of the company but he wants to do his own thing and build his brand.

Hope and Brooke back him up and joke about Ridge driving him away.

Ridge jokes that his son can take photos of himself working out at the company gym.

He knows how talented he is and thinks he could help.

RJ thanks him for the praise but wants to do his own thing.

Ridge hopes that will eventually result in them working together.

He inherited his family’s talent and Brooke’s brain.

That could make him the best.

RJ still wants to try to pave his own way.

Down the hall, Taylor and Thomas talk about RJ’s return and what this could mean for Brooke and Ridge.

taylo thinks of rj's return

She gets fidgety and her son points out that RJ’s return could change the dynamics.

The doctor claims she’s happy Brooke and Ridge have their son back.

thomas asks his mom about rj

Thomas wonders if she really is. She says babies are always babies.

It must be nice for him to see his half-brother.

He’s looking forward to catching up with his but accuses his mother of dodging his question.

Taylor admits that RJ’s presence will probably bring Brooke and Ridge closer together.

taylor scoffs at thomas

He asks if she’s cool about it. She claims to be indifferent.

Taylor says it’s about more than just sharing a child.

She thinks they should have big family parties and but the fun in dysfunctional.

He still thinks this could cause her pain.

She says her pact with Brooke means being friends first and that means honesty and transparency.

taylor thinks bridge will happen.

Taylor is more concerned about how he feels about his half-brother being home.

“Good, I guess,” he says. He’s a lot older and they barely hang out.

He’s sure they can bury the hatchet.

She prompts him to go down the hall with her.

They join the others. Thomas and RJ do their best to be polite. RJ tells him what a great designer he’s become.

Ridge is thrilled to have his two boys all grown up.

This is the kind of moment he lives for and he loves them.

ridge doesn't think he's weird.

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At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn kiss and he tells her how great it is to wake up with her snoring.

He loves everything about her.

finn and steffy happy morning

She teases him about his snoring.

They kiss and giggle until Liam interrupts but refuses to weigh in on Steffy’s snoring.

liam won't weigh in

Steffy hands him Kelly’s homework. She knows he’s looking for reassurances about Thomas and repeats that she’s sure he’s changed.

Finn feels the same. Liam wishes it was so easy for him.

Once the doctor leaves for work, Liam tells Steffy he believes Thomas has changed. The question is how much.

steffy listens to liam's questions

Steffy has no doubts about her brother. If she did, she would not have re-hired him.

She truly believes he’s a different person.

All she senses from him now is calmness and determination. He’s focused on being a father and designer.

Liam still has reservations. He wants Hope to succeed but when it comes to Thomas…

He’s started to think it may not just be Thomas.

There might be something with Hope that keeps sending her back to him.

liam still thinks thomas hasn't changed

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