Liam Lists Thomas’ Misdeeds and Calls Hope’s Decision Deja Vu as Hope Cries, While Thomas Vows to Douglas not to Make the Same Past Mistakes

In the Tuesday, March 14, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Liam expresses issues with Thomas returning to HFTF, Douglas wants his parents to reunite, and Steffy hopes her brother isn’t going to obsess anymore. 

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Wyatt assured Liam that he’s not being overbearing, and Hope and Thomas told Steffy Douglas is ready to return to the cabin, and Liam learned that Hope did the opposite of what she said she would.

At the cabin, Hope tells Liam that Thomas told her he didn’t want to come back to the line if it would cause issues between them.

And Douglas wanted to come home when he saw them getting along.

Liam asks if that’s why Douglas wants to come home. He doesn’t get it.

She said she wasn’t going to return. Hope says without him, her line would die. She can’t have that.

liam reacts thomas returns HFTF B&B recap soapsspoilers

Liam asks what Thomas did to make her change her mind and let her in again.

“Again,” he repeats as she crosses her arms across her chest. Liam feels like it’s deja vu all over again.

He reminds her that Thomas tried to kiss her at the fashion show but she in turn reminds her husband that Thomas hasn’t done it since after she turned him down.

Liam asks what changed. She says she believes Thomas has changed.

liam and hope discuss thomas forrester returning to forrester creations and if he's changed on bold and beautiful

Liam’s eyes widen in surprise.

Doesn’t she remember all of the nasty things he’s done to her? He details Thomas’ misdeeds.

Hope hasn’t forgotten. For the safety of their wellbeing, why, Liam asks is she taking him back? Hope tears up. She hears him but Thomas regrets making that CPS call.

Liam says they’ve heard this before. Hope insists this time is different. She’s sorry she went back on his word but she won’t sacrifice her career over this.

She needs his trust. If she sees a glimpse of the old Thomas, he’s gone. She raises her voice when he interrupts and tells him to listen to her.

She gets his concerns and doesn’t want this to become an issue for them. Liam agrees to go along with this.

He only wants her to have everything she needs. He’s scared, he admits. “That’s all. I’m scared.” She nods. Liam won’t let Thomas come between them. They hug as she cries. 

hope cries as Liam expresses anger at her taking thomas back at forrester on bold and beautiful

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At Forrester Creations, Thomas is busy sketching when he notices Steffy smiling at him.

She’s missed seeing him at the office and working with him.

He feels the same and he’s happy Hope gave him another chance, especially after what he did to Brooke and Douglas.

thomas happy to work at forrester creations on bold and the beautiful

Steffy thinks Liam will freak out when he hears Hope’s decision.

Thomas thinks he might be happy that he’s returning to save HFTF.

Taylor arrives and is happy to see her kids smiling and working together.

They discuss possible problems Hope will have with Liam when he learns that they’ll be working together again.

tauylor thomas and steffy forrester B&B

Thomas says if she changes her mind, he’ll move on and find something else to do. He refuses to be an issue in Hope and Liam’s marriage.

Thomas interrupts and thanks Steffy for letting him stay with her.

He hopes she’s not upset that he’s moving home. She hugs him close and he asks how his dad feels.

He says he heard the news and Douglas asks if Liam will be mad since he doesn’t like his father. The women tell him not to worry about that.

douglas hugs his grandma taylor hayes forrester creations bold and the beautiful

Thomas holds his son.

He says even if he and his mother don’t work together, Douglas is loved and they’ll always be Team Douglas.

doulglas sits on thomas lap at forrester on bold and beautiful

Thomas tells his son he’s made mistakes in the past and vows never to do that again.

They hug as the women look on, teary-eyed. Once the two guys are gone, Taylor says she’s happy her son has done the work in therapy to get to this point.

Steffy is glad too as long as he isn’t obsessed with Hope anymore.

douglas hugs thomas at forrester creations on bold and beautiful

In the design room, Douglas sits on his father’s lap and talks about living with Steffy and Hope, which he liked. He asks if Thomas is excited to work with Mommy.

Thomas can’t wait. Douglas says he heard that she needs his help with her line and wishes they could be together all the time.

Thomas says they need to respect that she’s with Liam.

He wants to live with them both one day. Thomas hugs him.

douglas wants to be a real family with hope and thomas on bold and beautiful

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