Liam Demands That Hope Stop Working with Thomas to Save Their Marriage and She Insists She Only Loves Him

In the Friday, May 26, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Liam needs answers from Hope, Steffy tells Finn her concerns for her brother, and RJ commends Thomas on changing.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Hope was fed up with Liam’s doubts and Liam confronted his wife about her feelings for Thomas.

At the cabin, Liam asks Hope to tell him it’s not true that she has feelings for Thomas. She’s can’t believe Steffy suggested this.

hope talks to liam about feelings

He asks again if it’s true. Gulping, he says he’s been telling himself there is nothing to worry about but he needs answers. “Like now. Right now,” he says.

Hope nods and then gets defensive. “I’m feeling very ambushed,” she says.

Her husband says he’s sure that Steffy has misinterpreted things and there’s never been anything between her and Thomas.

He’s sure Steffy isn’t targeting them or making gossip. She’s just protecting her brother.

Liam wants honesty from hope

“Me corrupt him?” she asks. He brings up the hand caressing. Steffy could see she had feelings for Thomas.

She thought they were past the chapter of Steffy interfering in their relationship. He asks again about the hand touching and worries she’s in denial.

She’s insulted by the suggestion that Steffy understands her feelings better than she does. He’s worried about how dangerous this situation is.

liam says stop working with thomas, hope

Her husband tells her this is all too much and nothing will convince him that Thomas is not a threat to their marriage other than her stopping working with him.

A tear runs down her cheek.

hope cries when liam tells her to stop working with thomas

She reminds him of how important Thomas is to her line. Leaping up, he explains he knows all that.

His wife reminds him that she’s a professional and won’t have him dictating her career to her. He insists this isn’t about her career but their marriage. None of this would be happening if she’d cut Thomas out like she promised.

He’s exhausted by this going on and on and can live with Thomas living rent free in his head. Hope insists that he’s obsessed with a man wh doesn’t exist any more. He has to accept that or let it go.

She accuses him of never trusting her. He says this is the first time he’s been given a reason not to trust her.

hope screams that thomas has to remain in their lives because of the kid

Liam demands to know if Steffy is right. Yes or no?

liam goes ballistic on hope

“The answer is ‘no’,” she insists, telling him that her heart is with him and their marriage. They both cry as they embrace and she apologizes, telling him never to doubt she loves him.

hope and liam hug after she lies to him

In the Forrester office, Thomas thinks about the close moments he’s shared with Hope recently. RJ drifts in and assumes he’s thinking about a girl since he zoned out.

rj in ceo offices with thomas

Thomas asks if he’s going to be sticking around. He’s sure his parents will be ecstatic.

RJ is looking for Hope and assumed they’d be together. He thinks it’s good they are getting along, especially for Douglas’ sake.

Thomas says that he’s made a lot of changes and things are good. RJ gives him props for correcting himself.

thomas talks to his brother

Thomas just wants to be someone his family can be proud of. His half-brother tells him he doesn’t need to go any extra miles for him.

They chat about how relentlessly Ridge is pushing RJ to become a designer. Brooke just wants him to be happy.

RJ isn’t into drama and refuses to engage. They should all just get along.

rj talks to thomas at ceo office

They laugh about their moms choosing themselves over Ridge. RJ is also happy that his brother and sister are getting along.


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Finn arrives at home and says goodnight to the kids. Steffy recalls her conversation with Liam and Hope and Thomas.

steffy's no nonsense look

When Finn returns, she commends him for his dedication to his work. He senses something is bothering her.

She tells him her brother is doing all the right things and will continue to prove himself as long as Hope remembers she’s married.

He’s only human and his feelings ran deep for Hope. She refuses to let her undermine her brother.

finn and steffy talk about her brother and how she won't let anyone derail his success

Steffy knows desire when she sees it and she won’t let Hope pull Thomas into the darkness. She told Liam her suspicions. That surprises the doctor.

She couldn’t stay silent while Liam went on and on about Thomas. He thinks she dropped a bomb in that marriage.

“That was never my attention, babe,” she insists. Liam should be concerned about his wife, not Thomas.

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