Mike Doubts Sheila’s Plan to Escape, Sheila Receives a Surprise Visitor, and Katie Turns Bill’s Advances Down

In the Friday, April 28, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Bill goes on a date with Katie, Brooke listens to Carter’s jealousy over Bill and Sheila gets a surprise visit.

We also have the last B&B recap where Katie asked Carter what sex with Quinn was like, Finn and Li caught up, and Bill’s sons doubted his plans for Katie.

Bill comes into his house off the patio and thinks about Katie, marrying her and watching her in a fashion show as well as giving birth to Will.

bill thinks of katie

He recalls the last kiss she gave him a few days ago.

katie marrying bill a while ago

At Forrester CEO office, Katie and Carter make googly eyes at each other.

They can’t stop thinking about this major step they took. (Sex.)

katie works at forrester with carter

She says they didn’t need those three little words and he finishes, “The ones we’re feeling?”

They’re glad they took their time. He tries to get her to stay with him, rather than go see Bill. They kiss.

Carter says Bill wants her back. Katie knows but the man doesn’t always get what he wants.

katie and carter make out at work

Brooke strolls in. Katie has a date with Bill she says and after she’s gone, Brooke notices Carter’s unhappy.

He lets her know Katie went to see Bill and is going to try to get her back and admits he and Katie “basically said I love you to each other.”

Brooke’s so happy for them. He knows that’s why he’s so worked up.

He doesn’t trust him when it comes to Katie, especially. He also says he trusts that Katie can make decisions for herself. 

brooke talks to carter about katie

Sheila’s surprised when a guard takes her into another room to see a surprise visitor.

It’s Mike, the ex-security guard now inmate.

They grin at each other after he says, “Hi doll.”

mike visiting sheila in prison

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They embrace and he says he wanted to ensure she was okay because he heard about her heart attack.

She insists she’s better. He tells her she looks good and she jokes that it’s the prison food.

Mike’s just shocked to his core that Bill double-crossed her. Sheila paces and becomes upset.

She doesn’t want to be caged up like this. Mike tries to get her to take it one day at a time but escaping is all she thinks about.

sheila jokes about prison food

Mike doesn’t believe that’ll happen though he’s on her side. He pulled a lot of strings to visit her.

She knows how he feels about her, though he “can’t compete with those Forresters and their chiseled jaws.”

She smiles and admits she appreciates him. She confesses she has a plan to see her son again soon.

Sheila reveals she put in a request to see her attending physician. Her son.

She thinks him letting her live speaks volumes. 

Mike tries to get her to see that she has some big obstacles and he doesn’t see how she can escape.

sheila details plan escape

Sheila has a will and says where there’s will, there’s a way. Mike argues that the situation is different.

She confessed to killing two people. She says just one. The other was an accident.

She reveals she is going to have help from the outside. Mike says, “No offense but you are poison.” She’ll be here forever.

mike tells sheila she can't escape

The guard reappears and tells Sheila her email came through and she has a visitor.

Sheila rushes to put on lipstick and Mike asks who she’s seeing.

She doesn’t tell him and when she’s taken away, he calls out, “I love you!”

Meanwhile, Sheila goes to meet her visitor who appears in the shadow.

shadow figure visits sheila

Katie arrives at Bill’s. He set up dinner outside on the patio.

He says it feels right having her there, where they raised their son.

Like she’s finally home.

They walk down memory lane, talking about how Will spelled out Happy Birthday in money on their wall.

bill wants katie to come back to him

They miss Will and Bill confesses he misses her, too. She knows what he’s doing.

She hasn’t forgotten what they shared. He thinks there are more memories to be made as a family and couple.

He moves in for a kiss and she turns him down. She cares for him and always will. Bill says, “But you care about Carter more?”

When she doesn’t respond, he demands to know what’s going on with her and the other man. She can see he’s at his best.

bill walks down memory lane

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