Jack Visits Sheila in Prison and She Reminds Him of Their Connection While Katie Cries in Bill’s Arms and Eric Tries to Soothe Carter’s Jealousy

In the Monday, May 1, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila tries to get Jack under her spell, Katie’s taken by Bill’s request, and Carter displays more jealousy to Eric, who tells him his concerns are unfounded. 

We also have the last B&B recap where Bill went on a date with Katie, Brooke listened to Carter’s jealousy over Bill and tried to comfort him while Sheila received a surprise visit.

In prison, Sheila says she’s been writing to her mystery guest and had almost given up.

She thanks him, grateful that he’s there.

shadow figure visits sheila

The man says it was against every good instinct he had.

He turns to face her.

Sheila’s glad to see Jack, Finn’s father. He asks why he’s there.

She has been thinking. “About your crimes?” He asks. “Good.”

jack visits sheila in prison.

She ignores him and talks about treasuring their pasts moments together, especially the night they conceived Finn.

Their son saved her life. Jack knows. Sheila says it’s due to how Jack raised “our boy.”

Jack asks what she wants. She wants to help each other but he’d never let himself be “dragged into” her madness.

sheila remembers sex with Jack.

If she thinks he would be, she’s crazier than he thought.

She calls him a great criminal defense lawyer and asks why she’s in there. He tells her what she knows.

She’s committed crimes. She thinks he’s still drawn to her and knows Li didn’t pay attention to him, which leads to sparks between them.

She sees the sadness in her ex’s face and knows he’s lonely. Again. Just like her.

sheila hot for jack.

At Forrester, Eric likes that Carter resolved some issues for him.

He’s not s surprised and calls the man important to him ad the family.

Carter assumes he’s glad RJ is back.

Eric’s tickled.

Carter’s demeanor suddenly grows a little distant and when Eric questions him, he relays that Katie went to see Bill.

She’s there now. Eric doesn’t think he has cause to be bothered. They share a son.

eric and carter talk about rj return

Carter knows but explains that this is about Bill having ideas on getting Katie back.

Carter doesn’t want to see her hurt again and gets all up in arms, worrying.

Eric doesn’t see her letting that happen again since she’s got a better option at hand.

carter jealous katie at bill's

He smiles as he flashes to sex with Katie and how they beat around the bush about maybe loving each other.

Carter wants to give Katie, “All the good things.” He also knows that Katie and Bill have a history.

Eric says Bill’s the worst possible partner Katie could ever have. He thinks Carter has to have faith that Katie won’t fall for him.

Carter hopes not. How could she when she knows his feelings for her will never compare to those for Brooke? 

Carter and Eric believe Katie deserves better than Bill. Carter talks about what she wants to give Katie.

Joy and laughter. Eric’s on his side he says as he walks off and Carter tries in vain to get back to work.

He flashes to the necklace he gifted Katie at Christmas and her reaction. 

eric and carter discuss bill

At Dollar Bill’s mansion, Katie’s glad everything turned out well for him, especially for Will’s sake.

Bill’s glad she’s there. He missed her.

“The house misses you.” She repeats. “The house.”

dollar bill wants katie to remember their house misses her.

He hopes she feels the energy and tells her she belongs there. This is her home.

He says he doesn’t want to pressure her and felt she only wanted a temporary split.

She again repeats his words.

katie listens to bill tell her he wants her back.

“Temporary, eh?” He wants her to remember their memories at the house together.

Katie admits she only came to see him because of Sheila.

He reminds her she kissed him and she also recalls she slapped him.

He and Carter are different men, she believes.

katie wants carter not bill.

She tells him that Brooke’s knocking around in her house alone. “Go to her!”

Katie invites. Bill says he doesn’t want her anymore. Katie is the only woman he wants and needs.

She cries as he holds her face in his hands. She tells him she should go. “This wasn’t productive.”

katie cries to bill.

Bill asks her to sit with him on the sofa like they used to so he can remind her of how great they were together.

She continues to cry as he reminds her they had some beautiful moments.

katie marries bill flash back.

He flashes to their life together again, marriage, and Will’s birth.

He wants it all back. They embrace.

katie cries hugging bill



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