When Sheila Tries to Rekindle Jack’s Passion, He Tells Her Never to Contact Him Again, and Katie Thinks Carter’s Great Because He Doesn’t Love Her Sister

In the Tuesday, May 2, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Bill tells his sons he’s confident about Katie, Katie tells Carter Bill wants what he can’t have, and Steffy tells Finn Sheila has no power over them.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Jack visited Sheila in prison and she reminded him of their connection while Katie cried in Bill’s arms, and Eric tried to soothe Carter’s jealousy.

At the cliff house, Finn has hurried home to make sure Steffy has survived her visit with Sheila.

steffy tells finn about her meeting with sheila

She tells him it was incredible. It was everything she needed to see her squirming behind bars.

Sticking his hand in her pocket, he tells her he knows how she feels. She tells him they can’t give Sheila the satisfaction of seeing him again.

Sheila has no power over them again. Sitting on the table, she tells her husband how sad and helpless Sheila looked.

He wonders if reality has sunk in for her.

finn sighs, worried about sheila

Steffy is confident that there is nothing and no one who can get her out.

They chat about his mom and he admits Li was shocked that she went to visit Sheila.

Finn recalls how much the truth about Sheila being his mom shattered Li. She still hasn’t been able to forgive his dad.

steffy assures finn sheila out of their lives

Steffy asks how he feels about his dad. Finn is confused about his feelings. He kept a secret from him but he was an incredible father.

His lies have made he and his mother question everything.

His wife reminds him that without the affair, she wouldn’t have him. She tells him she’s with him every step of the way and gives him a hug.

At the prison, Sheila tells Jack he must be as lonely as she is since he agreed to come and see her.

sheila asks if jack likes her emails.

He’s about to walk away when she tells him she needs his help since he is one of the top criminal defense attorneys in California.

Jack explains he wasn’t intrigued by her suggestive emails. He just wanted to tell her in person that he wants nothing to do with her.

jack tired of sheila shenanigans

Sheila can see the loneliness in his eyes and prompts him to talk to her. He explains Li won’t even return his calls and his relationship with Finn isn’t the same as it was.

jack pissed off at sheila

He lashes out at her for shooting their son. She insists that was an accident.

finn blames sheila for his relationship issues with their son finn.

Finn is the best thing they’ve ever done. “Our son, Jack,” she reminds him.

The next time he feels down, she hopes he thinks of the night Finn was conceived. He needs to remember how good they were.

She reminds him that he said he loved her and she loved him too.

sheila thanks jack coming to see her

Sheila reminds him of the details of their affair and how much she wanted him to be her husband after their child was born. But he didn’t want to leave his wife so she gave them their son.

Now his marriage to Li is over and his relationship to Finn damaged.

Jack knows and reminds her of where she ended up. She says life has turned into a lonely, shallow existence for both of them… but they can get their magic back.

“Not on your life,” Jack says, declaring he will never see her again. He exits. She smiles.


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At Bill’s residence, he drinks and thinks of Katie when his two sons bounce in. They assume things didn’t go the way he’d hoped with Katie.

dirk and danny downer

“Okay Danny Downer and his brother Dirk,” Bill says. He didn’t expect Katie to move in right away but doesn’t think that day is far off.

bill unphased by rejection

They think he sounds confident. Bill is sure that Katie was moved by their stroll down memory lane.

Liam asks about Carter. Bill knows she cares about him so he has a battle on his hands. He has no beef with Carter.

liam reminds his dad katie's with carter

Liam and Wyatt says Carter is okay. Bill thinks Katie is an angel and he’s determined to prove she’s the only woman for him.

wyatt drinks some water

Katie wanders into Forrester Creation and throws herself into Carter’s arms.

katie hugs carter at ceo office.

He asks how it went with Bill. They sit and she assures him it wasn’t a date.

She says Bill always wants her when he thinks he can’t have her. Katie admits she has complicated feelings about Bill. Some of their history is good and some of it is not so good.

katie sad

He’s frustrating and surprising.

Carter wonders if he called her “his Katie.” She chuckles and admits Bill tried to kiss her but she wouldn’t let him because of them.

They talked about Carter a lot and how the best thing about him is that he’s never fallen for Brooke. She wanted Bill to know how important he is to her.

Carter has a pretty good idea of how much he means to her.

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