Hope Worries About Thomas Getting Presumptuous, Finn Calls Thomas Jealous of Steffy and Taylor Tries Mediating Between Her Kids

In the Tuesday, February 21, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke asks how Thomas is handling the Douglas situation, and Thomas vents to Paris about his sister.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Paul the bartender flirted with Brooke, and Thomas hurled accusations at Steffy who reminded him he created this situation.

At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy try to figure out a schedule to manage the three kids. She insists it will be temporary.

steffy thinks thomas would stress his kid out

Steffy gives Hope credit for being cool and calm about everything. Finn points out the same can’t be said for her brother.

He knows she can handle herself but he couldn’t let Thomas talk to her the way he was.

Taylor shows up. Her daughter instantly begins complaining about Thomas.


They explain what happened when he stopped by unannounced. Taylor is sure her son must realize there are boundaries.

Finn explains that Thomas is jealous about how successful his sister is.

Taylor misses their family being happy and connected. She immediately calls her son.

At Paris’ place, Thomas vents to her and she suggests things could still work out in his favor.

paris being a good friend bold and beautiful recaps

He apologizes for dumping his problems on her but he can’t stop thinking about this.

He made sure his sister knows she can’t keep him from his own son.

thomas can't believe steffy keeping him from his son bold and beautiful recaps

His mom calls and asks him to come over to Steffy’s to talk things out. Reluctantly, he agrees.

After he gets his jacket on, Paris tells him his mom can help mediate things and guide them all to a place of understanding.

Thomas just needs to talk to his son but his sister wouldn’t let him do that.

Back at the cliff house, Taylor tells her daughter they need to try to talk this out.

Steffy doesn’t like this but her mom pushes ahead, insisting that they keep the peace in the family.

steffy upset about thomas fight B&B recaps

When Thomas arrives, she hugs him and asks about how “heated” things got.

She has faith that they can work it out in this tough situation.

She misses their family time together and doesn’t want to see her babies fighting.

Steffy annoyed by thomas B&B recaps

“Can ya find the love please?” she asks.

Her son keeps complaining they are keeping him away from his son. He conflates this with being kept out of the company.

His mom tells him she’s concerned about him and the entire family. She doesn’t think this situation will last long. Things will go back to the way they were.

None of this is his sister’s fault.

Steffy tells her brother she’s been loyal to him his whole life. He reminds her that she pushed him into the parent trap thing and then kicked him out of the company when it went wrong.

taylor asks her kids to find the love B&B recaps

Taylor asks her kids if they really want this situation to pull them further apart. She orders them to reach down deep and find the love.

Steffy throws her hair around and cocks an eyebrow. Thomas cocks his head and stares.

Steffy annoyed by thomas B&B recaps


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Brooke stops by the cabin to tell Liam and Hope that Douglas should be with them. She offers her help.

brooke comforts hope cabin bold and beautiful recaps

Her daughter is just having a hard time accepting the situation. It really tore her up having to drop the kid off at Steffy and Finn’s.

“Oh sweetie,” say Brooke, stroking her arm. She tells her this won’t last forever.

Liam agrees this is just a bump in the road. Brooke asks how Thomas is handling it.

hope and liam hold hands bold and beautiful recaps

Picking up a football, Hope explains how much he admires Douglas and his bravery.

The cabin already seems unbearable quiet without him.

Beth will be sad.

Liam says the most important thing is that Douglas feels loved and wanted by everyone. He repeats this is all temporary.

Again, Brooke asks how Thomas is handling this. They are surprised he’s handling it so well.

They worry that he thinks he has carte blanche to see his son since he’s living with his sister.

Brooke thinks Thomas is being pretty presumptuous. No one better force Douglas to be around him.

Liam is sure no one will, but Thomas will do all he can to “enmesh” himself with his son.

hope mourns losing douglas bold and beautiful recaps

Brooke just wishes Douglas was in the cabin where he has a stable home. Thomas is “inconsistent.”

Hope explains that she and Steffy seem to be on the same page about Thomas.

They go on about how different things are with the “little dude” not there. He’s such a joy to be around.

Brooke says he will always be Hope’s son, no matter where she’s brushing his teeth.

Liam thinks that Douglas has listened to them for long enough. It’s time for them to listen to him.

Hope wonders if Thomas is on the same page.

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