Hope Welcomes Thomas Back to HFTF, and Douglas Agrees to Move Back to the Cabin

In the Friday, March 10, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Paris gives Thomas good vibes, Liam vents to Wyatt about Thomas, and Taylor encourages Hope to let her son return to HFTF.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Thomas made a reveal in therapy while Liam called Steffy’s ultimatum unreasonable, prompting Hope to make a decision about Thomas.

Thomas is in Paris’ office. She asks if he’s back to save the day. He’d love the opportunity but it’s all up to Hope.


Paris thinks Hop should be begging him to return given all the work he’s been doing. He appreciates he noticing.

She’s sure that even if Hope can see how much he’s changed, Liam will never accept he has. She urges him not to give up yet.

Paris sends him all kinds of luck.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Hope discuss Liam’s opposition to re-hiring Thomas. Hope can’t blame him. Trusting Thomas has gotten her into trouble in the past.

hope made decision tells brooke Bold and the Beautiful recaps March 10, 2023

As Hope asks what she’s decided, Taylor bursts in to get her tablet. Brooke says Hope has made her decision.

Hope explains that Liam thinks Thomas’ claims to have changed are disingenuous. Taylor insists that is not the case and begs her to give her son another shot.

Brooke tells her to take her time and Taylor reminds her she doesn’t have much.


Thomas joins them and Hope asks to speak to him alone. The mothers exit.

Thomas guesses that Liam didn’t take things well. He tells her he loves what they do together but he doesn’t want to cause any tension in her marriage.

thomas cardigan Bold and the Beautiful recaps March 10, 2023

Hope says that Liam might initially be upset but he could move on, especially if the line is successful.

Plus, it would be positive for Douglas to see his parents working together.

Hope says she can’t let the line fail and let its supporters down. With Thomas as lead designer they can create something special.

Shaking his hand, she welcomes him back to HFTF.

hope welcomes thomas back to forrester Bold and the Beautiful recaps March 10, 2023

When he thanks her, she warns that if she sees a hint of the old him coming back, he’ll be gone.

He gives her his reassurances and knows this is his last chance.

Taylor and Brooke enter one of the offices and wait for the news. Brooke is sure she is right about Thomas changing but understands how conflicted her daughter is.

brooke Bold and the Beautiful recaps March 10, 2023

Paris brings Douglas in and the grandmas fawn over him. They tell him there’s a chance his parents could be working together again.

He thinks that would be cool. He hates it when they don’t get along.

brooke with paris douglas and taylor Bold and the Beautiful recaps March 10, 2023

Brooke and Taylor interrupt with Douglas. Hope announces she is bringing Thomas back.

Douglas is thrilled. He tells his parents how much he hates it when they don’t get along.

hope t homas and douglas hug B&B recaps

They tell him they are making it a point to work well together. Hope tells Douglas how much she’s been missing him.

Seeing how happy she is makes him want to come back to the cabin. She’s thrilled and pulls him into her arms.


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Wyatt joins Liam in the cabin with some take-out. They pop beers and talk about how uninvolved in the business their father has been.

Bold and the Beautiful recaps March 10, 2023

Liam complains about hearing the phrase “changed man” all the time. His brother guesses he’s thinking of more than their father.

“It starts with a T and ends with ASS,” says Liam. He explains how central Thomas is to HFTF and its survival. Steffy thinks he should return.

Bold and the Beautiful recaps March 10, 2023

Wyatt hopes that his brother got through to Hope about Thomas not returning. Eating chips, he assures him that was the right thing.

Liam worries about the line dying. He doesn’t want to tell her what to do with her life.

His brother reminds him that her decisions affect him. Was he acting like a cave man?

Liam admits he was about 10 % cave man but mostly sensitive and supportive. He hopes this is an end to it.

They try to remember the last time HFTF was on the cover and Liam thinks about having it framed. He feels bad for being a hard guy.

His brother repeats that he did the right thing. If the line fails, Hope is smart and resourceful enough to find something new.

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