Hope Agrees to Stay Silent About Thomas’ Attempt to Kiss Her, and Brooke is Frustrated When Ridge Rejects Her Again

In the Tuesday, November 8, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke asks Ridge what went wrong, Hope tells Thomas they can’t be a couple, and Liam is desperate to check on his wife.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Thomas tried to kiss Hope, Bill wanted Brooke to himself, and Deacon romanced Sheila.

At Eric’s, Hope tells Thomas that he can’t try to kiss her. She’s married to Liam.

hope thought thomas same page BOLD

He apologizes for upsetting her. She knows emotions have been running high, but she loves Liam and has no room in her heart for another man.

Thomas thought this was their time. Hope doesn’t want to hurt him but thought they were on the same page. He says they are.

Thomas claims that he’s just having some growing pains.

He’s still a one-woman man and that woman is her.

She repeats that she’s committed to her marriage… but she cares about him and doesn’t want to set him up for a fall.
They can only be friends.

He claims that’s fine and then suggests they forget this and not tell anyone.

If she tells Liam or her mom that could cause a scene and hurt Douglas.

thomas asks keep secret BOLD

Besides, nothing really did happen.

She asks how this will affect things going forward given that he wants more from her than she’s willing to give.

Can he accept their relationship as it is now?

He claims he’s been dealing well with it up to now and they just had a big moment. He’s felt bonded with her lately but trying to kiss her was a mistake.

Thomas hopes his stupid mistake won’t ruin things between them.

She chooses to believe him but something like this can never happen again.

Hope agrees to keep this quiet. As she backs out to the door, he tells her she did a great job tonight and he is very happy for her.

After she’s gone, he doesn’t know why messed this up after succeeding at getting Brooke out of his father’s life.

Sitting down, he flashes back over the night.

Liam paces the cabin, leaving a message for Hope to check if she’s okay.

liam calls hope worried BOLD

After he puts Beth to sleep, he calls Wyatt and asks him to come over to watch over her while he leaves to check on his wife.

Hope arrives and tells him her phone died.

He apologizes for not staying at her preview and for not separating his support for her from his feelings about Thomas.

He holds her. She looks uncomfortable.

liam glad hope home bold beautiful

He’s relieved that she came home. They chat about what a great success tonight was and he apologizes for disappointing her.

When he mentions he saw her and Thomas having a moment backstage, she tells him he should have stayed.

She can understand why he didn’t.

He admits he’s still worried about Thomas getting close to her.

He’s sure she will see Thomas’ true colors when he eventually slips up.

Liam says he will always be hyper-aware of everything going on around her.

He didn’t want to see her get hurt again.

She promises Thomas won’t be a problem.

thomas thinks of Hope while she kisses liam bold beautiful

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Alley Mills to GH


At the Forester Creations office, Ridge looks at the press coverage of the Hope for the Future collection and smiles as he flashes back to the launch of Brooke’s Bedroom.

ridge watches fashion show BOLD

“As soon as I walked into the building, I knew you were here,” Brooke says as she interrupts him.

He wonders if his car in the parking lot gave her a hint.

She insists she could feel his presence and asks about his injured hand.

They discuss the reviews that have been rolling in.

brooke congratulates ridge bold beautiful

She’s relieved that Hope’s line is getting lots of love. But she worries when he mentions the press is talking about Hope and Thomas as the Forrester dream team.

Things get tense while they discuss Thomas. He’s proud of his son and says that everyone screws up sometimes.

Brooke doesn’t want to argue about his son and concedes that she’s grateful that he saved Hope’s line.

They talk about the celebration at Eric’s and he admits it wasn’t the same without her there.

She still doesn’t understand how they ended up apart.

Their random separation is driving her crazy. He doesn’t see the point in rehashing this.

ridge stares at logan office BOLD

She can see he still loves her. Ridge can’t deny it.

She demands to know what happened but he says it’s pointless and they just go around in circles.

Brooke asks him home and he insists that not possible.

He’s with Taylor now.

brooke goes snakey on ridge for being with taylor bold and beautiful

She objects and reminds him she’s his wife. “We will be together again,” she vows.

He shakes his head.