Hope Assures Liam She Loves Him While Finn Finds Steffy’s Suspicions About Hope’s Wandering Desires Hard to Swallow

In the Tuesday, May 16, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Finn finds Steffy’s suspicions hard to take seriously, Liam checks that nothing happened with Thomas, and Carter asks Thomas about all the drama.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Steffy confided in Finn about seeing Hope flirt with Thomas while Thomas massaged Hope’s neck.

At the cliff house, Steffy explains to her husband that she’s seen some things between Hope and Thomas. She was concerned they might have to spend the night in San Francisco together.

steffy reluctantly tells finn about walaking in on thomas and hope

“You’re not worried about Thomas, you’re worried about Hope?” he surmises. She sighs and confirms it.

After swearing him to secrecy, she explains that she walked in on an intimate moment between Hope and Thomas. There was eye contact and Hope touched his hand.

The doctor is shocked to hear she was coming on to Thomas.

finn surprised hope flirted with thomas

He has to some wine and then ask for details about the “touching” and how “inappropriate” it was.

She assures him they were fully clothed.

finn wine

This all seems pretty tame to him but she thinks Hope was giving him more than a pep talk.

That hand caressing was full of desire.

The doctor is finding this hard to take seriously but she can tell how turned on Hope was.

She had to confront Hope before she screwed up her brother.

Steffy doesn’t believe Hope’s assurances that she doesn’t have a thing for Thomas.

Maybe Hope’s ego was bruised by Thomas halting his fawning over her.

“Could there be a world where Hope is telling the truth?” he asks.

finn shocked by steffy words

She’s sure that Hope will always see Thomas as the ultimate bad boy.

Steffy admits she told Hope she thought she was turning into Brooke, but actually thinks she’s the complete opposite.

She’s going to lean toward believing Hope but will be keeping her eye on her.

She doesn’t want her to ruin how well things are going in the family.

On the jet, Hope is a bit flustered after Thomas gives her a neck massage.

She starts caressing a water bottle and he assures her everything will be okay.

hope has same conversation with thomas on the plane as she has had the last five days

When she starts venting about her mom, he assures her she’s nothing like Brooke and will be with Liam for the rest of her life.

She rocks in her seat.

hope giving thomas a look

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Thomas arrives at the Forrester office and Carter congratulates him on how well the meeting went.

The orders are already pouring in.

carter tells thomas about orders

He asks about the drama that happened with Hope after the meeting. He’s just talking about the delay with the plane.

Carter goes on about how devoted Hope is to Liam.

After commending Thomas on his good work and telling him what a great team he makes with Hope, he takes off.

Alone, Thomas sketches and thinks about Hope telling him about her morals. He squints.

At the cabin, Liam arranges the cheese plate and lights candles in preparation for Hope’s return.

When she arrives, he stutters through repeating that he knows she trusts Thomas but having her in another city with that man was a little much for him.

liam asks hope about thomas

She reminds him they would have stayed in different rooms.

He worries Thomas would have asked her to take a walk and asks if he tried anything.

Shaking her head, she says no. She keeps shaking his head as he repeats his question about nothing happening.

They have wine and he’s happy that the trip went well.

She says it would have been better if he was there and starts kissing him, telling him how much she appreciates him.

liam and hope snuggle on sofa

He questions her about the mechanical issues with the plane.

He’s really happy she didn’t have to spend the night with Thomas in San Francisco.

“Me too,” she says, staring into space.

Liam doesn’t want how crazy Thomas makes him to drive a wedge in their relationship. She assures him he doesn’t need to worry about Thomas.

She’s startled when he mentions he’s talked to Steffy about this. He explains Steffy assured him Thomas is not a threat to his marriage.

Hope flashes back to Steffy confronting her for flirting with Thomas and then how she felt when Thomas hugged her in San Francisco.

She doubles down on telling Liam how much she loves him and how he should never doubt that.

liam gets kissed by hope

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