Hope Orders Steffy to Stop Meddling in Her Marriage, and Taylor Admits to Deacon That Her Pact with Brooke is in Trouble

In the Monday, May 29, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, RJ prods Ridge about Taylor and Brooke, Taylor gives Deacon another push toward Brooke, and Hope reminds Liam of how important their marriage is.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Liam demanded Hope stop working with Thomas to save their marriage and she insisted she only loves him.

At Il Giardino, Deacon welcomes Taylor and Brooke back. He still can’t get over their truce. Brooke says it’s more like a friendship they value.

deacon talks friendship with brooke taylor

Taylor stares at him and he recalls her pushing him to try again with Brooke.

He chats about his plans for the future of his business. He’s going full out on frozen pizzas. The doctor is impressed by how he puts his heart into something he wants.

taylor brooke fruit plates

She tells Deacon he’s become one of LA’s most eligible bachelors.

Brooke runs off to work. Deacon tells Taylor she was laying it on pretty thick.

deacon thinks taylor laying it on

She thinks Brooke needed a reminder that he is the city’s most eligible bachelor. Now that she has sworn off Ridge, this could be another opportunity for him.

He wonders if she is using him so she can reunite with Ridge.

taylor doesn't think so

She admits he will always love Ridge and their story was hijacked by Brooke. he points out that having RJ back reaffirms Ridge’s connection with Brooke.

The prison calls with a collect call for Deacon from Sheila but he can’t take it. Taylor asks who that was and teases him.

He turns the topic back to her “gal pal” and guesses their is some trouble in paradise. Taylor admits that she doesn’t trust their pact. Brooke has not be honest with her about Thomas.

taylor admits trouble with brooke

She’s just trying to do what’s right.

At the Forrester Creations office, Ridge, Steffy and Eric are chatting about taking the line to Rome.

ridge eric steffy at fc office

RJ strolls in and asks how Liam will feel about it if Hope and Thomas jet off to Italy.

He’s skeptical when they all say that things with Thomas and Hope will be fine. Ridge insists they are at the end of family drama.

rj tells steffy his doubts

“That go for you too?” RJ asks, prodding him about Brooke and Taylor. Ridge feels like he’s on the hot seat.

His kids ask what his intentions are to their mothers. Eric says those two are the loves of his life. Ridge says they’ve made their choice.

ridge on hot seat

RJ wonders how long it will be until one of those women are sharing their lives with him.


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At the cabin, Liam has a hard time concentrating on work as he recalls Steffy telling him his wife has feeling for Thomas.

liam thinking about hope

Hope arrives, surprised to see him still at home. She asks if they are good and reminds him of how much she loves him.

Sitting down, she makes it clear that she and Thomas have a strictly professional relationship. She would never risk her marriage, regardless of what Steffy thinks.

hope clarifies things for liam again

Hope hopes he takes her word over his ex-wife’s. She swears she doesn’t have feelings for the other man.

He has to get to work and so does she. They awkwardly hug and he takes off.

hope looking upset

Hope shows up at the office and corners Steffy, confronting her for meddling in her marriage. She calls her pathetic and insists she wasn’t coming on to Thomas. It’s almost like she’s trying to undermine her marriage.

hope annoyed with steffy for meddling

“Are you lying? Are you attracted to Thomas?” Steffy asks. Hope accuses her of messing with her family.

steffy doubts hope

She insists that Liam knows he’s the only man for her and she’s never been interested in Thomas and never will be. Steffy groans as Hope goes on about telling her to stay out of her marriage.

hope orders steffy back off

Down the hall, RJ shows his father the video he posted last night that got him a load of followers. Ridge doesn’t seem that impressed.

rj and ridge talk internet

He assures his son he just wants him to be happy, even if that means he’s blowing things up on the world wide web.

As they hug, Brooke wanders in. She’s so excited to have their son back and loves him so much.

brooke ridge happy to have rj back

Ridge says everything is fine now that he’s home. They have a group hug.

As Liam sits at work, he keeps flashing back to Steffy’s warnings and Hope’s reassurances.

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