Hope is Fed Up with Liam’s Doubts and Liam Confronts His Wife About Her Feelings for Thomas

In the Thursday, May 25, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor demands an explanation from Brooke, Liam refuses to accept Hope has feelings for Thomas, and Hope is annoyed by Liam’s lack of support.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Taylor confronted Brooke about keeping things from her, and Steffy confided to Liam that Hope has feelings for Thomas.

At the cliff house, Liam refuses to accept that Hope has feelings for Thomas. Steffy tells him that if he’s suspicious about them, it’s because of Hope.

steffy assures liam she's right about hope liking thomas

That doesn’t make any sense to him. She points out that that’s because he keeps blaming Thomas for Hope’s feelings.

Baffled, he blinks and looks around before he starts stuttering about how his wife just cares about everyone.

liam shocked hope likes thomas

Steffy tells him things have changed and she’s seen with her own eyes that Hope has feelings for Thomas.

He’s adamant that nothing is happening. She tells him she knows what it looks like when a woman has feelings for someone. She can’t ignore it and neither should he.

“I have to talk to her, don’t I?” he realizes. Steffy says he has to have an honest conversation. This could be bad for everyone, especially for her brother, who has done nothing wrong this time.

He walks out. She thinks about confronting Hope about her feelings.


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At the Forrester Creations office, Thomas notices how distracted Hope is as they discuss a design. She’s too tired to figure things out.

hope in la la land thinking

She’s annoyed that Liam practically hung up on he when she told him she had to work late.

She’s trying to be sensitive to Liam’s feelings but it’s exhausting. It would be nice if her husband supported her.

hope tired of liam not believing her

Thomas reminds her it’s him that her husband doesn’t trust. She’s sure Liam doesn’t think she knows what’s best for her.

He suggests they get back to work in the morning. She stomps and tells him how upset she is about Liam. How long does he have to defend himself to her husband?

He’s fine with it. She is not. She’s tired of it all and leaves to clear things up with Liam once and for all.

After she leaves, he sketches and thinks about Hope and all their recent close moments.

thomas thinks about being close to hope

In the main office, Brooke assures Taylor that she and Hope didn’t mean to hurt her or Thomas with what they said about him.

brooke explains that hope was lying to thomas

The doctor asks why Hope had to go so overboard in attacking him. Why does she feel such a need to reassure her mom that nothing is going on?

Getting her to sit down, Brooke says she doesn’t want this to cause tension between them. The doctor needs to understand why Hope needed to say those things for her benefit.

This all sounds like a Liam problem to Taylor. She’s getting tired of having to defend her son to everyone. She’s angry and disappointed that Brooke has been keeping her feelings about Thomas from her.

taylor thought she and brooke had a real friendship

“What else are you keeping from me? Anything happen with Ridge?” Taylor asks. “What? No!” Brooke says, suggesting they drop this.

Her friend wishes she could believe in Thomas. Brooke will have to think about that. The last thing she wants is for this situation to cause permanent damage.

When Hope gets to the cabin, Liam is having a drink. Donna took the kids for the night.

liam drinks and talks to hope about trust

She came home early because they need to talk. She doesn’t appreciate how he behaved on the phone and she’s frustrated by his judgment and lack of trust.

“Yeah…trust,” he drawls. She’s not going to throw away what she’s built because he’s insecure.

Liam insists this was all about what Thomas is capable of, not her. But maybe he had that wrong.

They argue about how he spends time with his ex. He says that’s not the same. Steffy has a family she adores.

hope asks liam to have faith in her

Steffy told him tonight that Thomas is not the problem. Hope knows that. He’s changed and everyone can see it other than Liam.

Shuffling his shoes, he explains that Steffy made that case too, but she also said Hope is the one he should be worried about.

“Steffy said you have feelings for him,” he says. She looks away.

liam confronts hope

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