Hope Claims She Has No Feelings for Thomas and Taylor Invites Ridge to a Family Dinner

In the Wednesday, April 12, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Hope hems and haws when Brooke asks point blank if she’s hot for Thomas, and Taylor cracks jokes about her newfound friendship with Brooke.

We also have the previous B&B recap where Hope loved Thomas’s newest design, Brooke and Ridge lied to Taylor and Liam opened up about his sex life to Wyatt.

Forrester Creations

At the CEO office at Forrester Creations, Hope pulls a face when her mother asks if she has feelings for Thomas.

Hope gets a text and Brooke asks if it’s Thomas. Hope shakes her head. They do work together.

brooke asks hope if she wants thomas body

Brooke says that the way she and Thomas were communicating last night… She trails off and Hope says, “What?”

Again, her mama asks if she has feelings for Thomas. All Hope does is shake her head, flustered. 

If anyone has issues resisting getting involved with the bad boy, Brooke says she’d understand.

Hope asks why she played with fire and kept going. Why risk so much for men she knew who were wrong for her?

hope thinks of whether she wants thomas

Brooke’s asked herself that for years.

Perhaps she wanted excitement or self-sabotaged but doesn’t think that’s Hope.

Liam’s all she’s wanted. Hope knows.

Brooke assumes she does have feelings for Thomas and Hope barks, “I never said that!” Brooke says that they used to be able to talk about anything.

Hope cares about him but doesn’t have feelings for him.

Brooke knows that her career means a lot but that she and Thomas work late hours. She does not want it to strain things with Liam.

hope nervous

Hope says she and Liam had a good night together “the other night.”

Brooke says yeah until Hope berated her for being in a sexy negligee with Ridge.

Hope assures her mom again that she just works with Thomas and that’s all there is to their relationship.

She apologizes for saying such hurtful things to Brooke. “Not that I have admitted the mistakes I’ve made with men.”

hope tells mama she doesn't want thomas

She likes how Hope conducts her life.

She doesn’t do scandalous things, she’s never in the tabloids and doesn’t sabotage her marriage by seeking her deepest desires.

Hope refuses to let anyone derail what she and her family has.

hope brooke hug


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Design room

In the design room, Taylor invites Ridge to dinner with the kids and grandkids. Ridge is interested, especially if they’re having Mac and Cheese.

They laugh. Thomas wanders in and learns his mama’s trying to plan a family dinner.

“You know how hard it is for your father to commit,” she says, laughing.

taylor tells ridge thomas about friendship pact

Ridge says he’s in and jokes that she’s in a committed relationship already. Thomas says, “With who?”

Taylor says she and Brooke made a friendship pact. Thomas thinks it’s great but is she gonna start calling her Logan?

Taylor jokes that she’s started calling her Doc. The men don’t laugh with her.

ridge thinks taylor hot

Taylor talks up the trust they have between them. Ridge is glad.

He just didn’t think he was going to get tossed to the side. “Karma’s a bitch,” Taylor quips, giggling.

She welcomes him home to friendship first. It frees her up to smother her grandkids with love.

“I’m gonna be a grand-smother.” Thomas laughs but Ridge doesn’t.

Taylor’s certain that Brooke will do the same with her grandkids.

thomas sings taylor praises

She has time to make up for with her kids because of her time away in Africa.

Thomas assures his mom he and Steffy are proud of her. Taylor’s touched. “Plus, you’re easy on the eyes,” Ridge adds.

“Oh God,” Taylor says and hugs Thomas. Ridge says some lovely things about Taylor too, saying she was there for their kids when he was nowhere to be found.

He’ll always respect her for that. She tears up as the men sing her praises.

taylor gets praised

They joke about having a day dedicated to pampering her. Kelly beat them to it she says as she shows them the bracelet she made her.

Ridge groans. He thought it was a bracelet from Brooke.

She’s so glad to be back in LA. Seeing her family so close and now her best friend.

Ridge says, “Me?” She says her other bestie.

He’s glad she’s home where she belongs. 

ridge talks friendship

Later, Thomas shows the new design he wants to surprise Hope with.

His parents love it.

thomas new design

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