Hollis Asks Brooke Out After Taylor Sets Them Up, and Sheila Admits to Bill That There is Someone Else

In the Wednesday, February 22, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor tries playing matchmaker, Hollis asks Deacon if it’s okay for him to date Brooke, and Bill prods Sheila to open up.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Hope worried about Thomas getting presumptuous, Finn called Thomas jealous of Steffy, and Taylor tried mediating between her kids.

At Forrester Creations, Zende shows off his new design to Brooke and Hope. They thank Petra for modelling it and she exits.

brooke laughs about hollis B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

Taylor arrives, admiring the latest work. They stop focusing on work to discuss the Douglas situation.

The doctor has come to have lunch with Brooke. She’s having it delivered from Il Giardino.

They tell Hope about the handsome waiter flirting with her. Zende decides to escape before he can hear more about this.

zende in safari wear B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

Taylor admits she’s living a bit vicariously in trying to push Brooke to date.

Hope points out that the doctor is single too and wonders if she’s trying to keep the path clear for Ridge.

Taylor insists that’s not who they are any more. Brooke insists that she and Doc are friends and no one understands them as well as they understand each other.

Hope admits it’s hard to adjust to them becoming friends but she’s happy for them.

taylor and brooke and Hope at office B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

At Il Giardino, Hollis tells Deacon that he’s been asked to deliver lunch to Brooke. He tells his boss that he was flirting with her the other day and must have made an impression.

deacon learns hollis likes Brooke B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

He wonders if that’s a problem. Deacon thinks. This isn’t what he had in mind when he asked the waiter to take care of her.

Hollis wanted to make sure that he’s not stepping on anyone’s toes. His boss tells him the ship with Brooke has sailed for him.

Hollis suspects he’s got the hots for some other woman, like that redhead.

hollis and deacon at il giardino B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

Deacon pushes him to deliver the food and the waiter keeps asking him about the mystery woman he suspects was shacked up with him.

Deacon flashes back to all of his sex with Sheila and claims he was alone with his pizza recipes. He warns Hollis that Brooke will always be about Ridge.

deacon thinks about sheila and sex with her. B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

Hollis tells him that things change and suggests he not underestimate him.

Deacon keeps thinking about Sheila and gulps.


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Hollis arrives at Forrester Creations with his bag of food. He tells Brooke he was happy to see she requested he deliver the pizza personally.

Hollis hottie B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

Brooke says that was her friend’s idea. They smile and giggle.

Hollis says he can see why the clothes are so beautiful given all the inspiration on display.

After telling Brooke what a pleasure it was to deliver to her, he asks her to dinner tonight.

“Dinner it is,” she agrees. He’ll be in touch with the details.

brooke says yes to hollis B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

He exits and the ladies giggle. Hope doesn’t know if she should be offended or impressed that he asked her mom out in front of them.

Taylor is not ashamed of setting her friend up with a hot younger man. The possibilities are endless.

At Bill’s, Sheila recalls her fight with Deacon over being “Bill’s concubine” and her insistence that they were over.

sheila thinks about deacon B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

Bill interrupts all the intense thinking and asks what’s going on.

She cuddles up to him and says she’d be a fool not to realize how lucky she is to be with him.

bill and sheila sitting on the sofa B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

He suspects there’s more and she’s feeling cooped up. She assures him he doesn’t have to entertain her.

Bill asks again what’s bothering her. Her reluctance to do so is beginning to concern him.

She says it will pass and she will deal with it. Not all her thoughts are smiles and sunshine, even if she’s in the best place she can be.

He tells her she’s safe from judgement with him. Other people’s opinions don’t matter to people like them.

Bill continues pushing her to open up. He loves the sound of his own voice but would like to hear from her.

bill asks sheila if she's bored B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

Sheila’s not feeling chatty. However, she admits there’s something weighing on her. There’s someone she can’t get out of her head. That doesn’t mean Bill is not enough. Every happiness she has is because of him and his caring.

“There’s someone else,” she admits. She misses them terribly.

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