Hollis Asks Brooke for Another Date, and Hope Continues to Insist She Doesn’t Have Feelings for Thomas while Obsessing Over Him

In the Friday, April 14, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy keeps reassuring Liam he has nothing to worry about, Taylor urges Brooke to date Hollis again, and Hope and Thomas talk about how happy they are.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Steffy tried to calm Liam’s panic about Thomas as Hope couldn’t stop herself from having sex fantasies about him.

Steffy and Liam are in her office watching videos of their daughter winning a scavenger hunt.

They think Kelly is her “mini-me.”

steffy and liam watch video of daughter

He keeps stressing over Thomas but thanks her for this.

Liam repeats he wants to support Hope but isn’t sure he can trust Thomas.

She repeats that she hasn’t seen any red flags and trusts her brother with Hope.

steffy liam talk thomas again

Liam doesn’t want Hope’s kindness and generosity to be taken advantage of.

She assures him her brother is focused on work.

He’s glad to hear that and worries about how jealous he sounds.

Steffy assures him Hope appreciates how concerned he is.

liam worries about being jealous

Down the hall, Hope keeps thinking about Thomas.

He interrupts to ask about fringe and notices something is off with her.

hope interrupted by thomas

She giggles nervously and admits she’s having a moment with some crazy thoughts.

He cocks an eyebrow and she twitches.

hope tells thomas she's having a moment

He’s sure their versions of “wild thoughts” are very different.

Now, his are just about ruffles and sequins.

They laugh about ruffles and he’s glad she’s comfortable enough to do that.

He says that what they have now is more than enough for him.

giggling hope

They are both grateful to be in each other’s lives.

Steffy goes to another office and Hope joins her, asking to schedule a meeting to go over the latest designs.

Hope has never seen him so inspired.

hope tells steffy all is well

Steffy asks her how things have been outside of work.

Hope wishes Liam didn’t have issues with Thomas.

She insists that he has improved by leaps and bounds.

Steffy agrees and made it clear to Liam that he has nothing to be concerned about.

“I’m right, aren’t I?” she asks Hope.

steffy wonders how things really are

Hope closes the door and insists there are no problems.

Steffy is happy to hear that and hopes they can move past their differences like their moms have.

She feels like everything is the way it’s supposed to be, especially after all the hard times they had with Liam.

Steffy is sure he’s her forever.

Hope stares at a photo of Thomas and her heart starts beating fast.


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Liam drops by Thomas’ office. He shows him his new design.

Liam stares and then says it’s really good.

liam drops in on thomas

Thomas talks about the comfort vibe. It’s a whole new everything.

He even feels like a different person, although he’s sure Liam doesn’t buy it.

Liam admits it’s a bit convenient.

Thomas hopes they can focus on the future rather than the past. He’s been making progress with his family.

That’s what Liam’s heard. He just wanted to hear it from Thomas too.

liam asks thomas to confirm he's ok

Thomas understands why he’s so apprehensive but he’s committed to who he is now and won’t backslide.

Liam is trying to believe that.

Thomas repeats that he is only focused on his working relationship with Hope and their work as co-parents.

He wants no more. Even if Hope came onto him.

thomas reassures liam

Liam tells him that idea is ridiculous and she would never come onto him.

At Il Giardino, Taylor and Brooke admire the decadent new menu.

Hollis stops by the table to see if they are enjoying themselves.

brooke talks menu

Taylor says it’s one of their favorite restaurants. “I can’t imagine why,” she teases.

He offers to send them dessert later since they are “extra special.”

A woman comes up and asks him to stop by her table to recommend some wine.

hollis offers dessert to brooke and taylor

Brooke and Taylor wonder if more customers come to flirt with him.

He claims he wouldn’t notice because only one woman gets his attention.

Taylor laughs into her pasta.

Once the waiter is gone, Taylor reminds her of the highlights of her dinner with him and how hot it was.

taylor goads brooke to date

He returns and Taylor prompts her friend to tell him what she wants. She insists she’s fine. He says she’s more than that: she’s beautiful.

Taylor runs away and the waiter sits, telling Brooke how nice it is to see her. He can’t stop thinking about her.

She giggles.

He’s sorry if he’s being too forward, but he thinks they had a good night and he’s never experienced a kiss like the one they shared.

They point out they both have people falling at their feet.

hollis tells brooke how great she is

She’s been on his mind a lot and he’d like to take her on a no-pressure date.

He’s sure there’s more for them to explore. One kiss from her just isn’t enough.

Taylor watches them and smiles.

taylor smiles at brooke hollis

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