Deacon Visits Sheila In Jail, And The Judge Presides Over Sheila’s Case While Bill Watches Via Hidden Camera

In the Monday, January 9, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Deacon visits Sheila and seems contrite, Taylor visits Brooke, and Steffy says her dad’s traveling.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Steffy and Finn continued to be baffled by Bill and Taylor felt optimistic.

At the cliff house, Steffy says they’re meeting with the judge today.

Taylor’s thrilled that their testimony will be crucial in putting Sheila away.

Finn and Steffy look worried but say nothing about Bill’s blackmail.

taylor bold and beautiful recaps

Taylor leaves and Finn rubs Steffy’s shoulders.

They’re both tired and wary about Bill’s blackmail and Sheila being in his life.

Steffy tells her husband that her dad is traveling, doing soul-searching because of what happened with Brooke and her mom.

He won’t be there. Finn starts ranting about Bill blackmailing them. 

steffy and finn cuddle bold and beautiful recaps

At his house, Bill calls someone, wanting to see them. He arranges an appointment.

Sheila meets Deacon for a visit in prison.

He just got back from out of town but says they can talk about that later.

Sheila  in prison with guard bold and beautiful recaps

The guard tells them no touching before he takes off.

Deacon hates to see her in here again. He’s sorry.

She insists it had nothing to do with him, but he feels bad for telling her that she’d be back here one day.

She thinks she’s beating the odds but he tells her Houdini on his best day couldn’t escape from there. She’s aware.

He’s grateful she didn’t rat him out. She’ll never be able to repay him, she says.

He’s worried about her but she insists she’ll be fine. Deacon asks why she went to Spencer’s house that night.

deacon visit sheila jail bold and beautiful recaps

She had to have known he’d turn her in. He doesn’t give her time to respond and says that it doesn’t matter.

He thinks she’s putting on a brave face but knows Steffy and Finn will detail every horrible thing she’s done.

Deacon promises not to abandon her, not that there’s much he can do. He’ll visit. She grins widely.

He tells her he cares about her and enjoyed their time together.

Sheila cares about Deacon, too. If things had been different, maybe they would have had a chance.

The guard tells them to wrap it up. He won’t turn his back on her and will be back to visit. She’s taken away.

sheila grins at deacon jail bold and beautiful recaps

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B&B opinion: Bill’s mystery illness

New B&B comings and goings

Taylor arrives at Forrester and asks Brooke if she missed her.

They embrace and talk about all that has happened with Sheila’s arrest.

brooke and taylor bffs bold and beautiful recaps

Taylor never thought today would come.

They’re happy that Sheila’s about to pay for all the terrible things she’s done.

taylor and brooke talk sheila jail bold and beautiful recaps

They talk about Katie’s visit and how strangely he was acting.

Taylor’s sorry about that.

She’s not close with him given their complicated history but is grateful that he’s responsible for putting Sheila away. 

Brooke’s surprised they’ve survived everything Sheila put them through.

Taylor has treated a lot of whackos but says Sheila’s the worst since she doesn’t think she needs treatment.

brooke smiles at taylor bold and beautiful recaps`


In the judge’s office, Steffy and Finn bitch about Sheila until Bill turns up and shuts them up.

He doesn’t want anyone to overhear.

Finn reminds Bill that Li could come forward and have Sheila put away but Bill says she’ll have to keep quiet.

bill in judge office bold and beautiful recaps

He reminds Finn that his mom stole him from a medical facility and falsified medical records.

He doesn’t want a word out of either of them today. Steffy calls it impossible.

Bill says, “Remember. Sheila’s freedom for your mother’s freedom.

steffy finn cries bold and beautiful recaps

Steffy collapses in her husband’s arms while in another room, Bill watches Steffy and Finn with a camera.

sheila and lawyer BOLD recaps

Sheila and her lawyer (Rodney Van Johnson) appear and Judge MacMullan (Joe Lando) turns up.

judge macmullen bold recap

He talks to Finn about Sheila being his bio mother and asks if he’s ready to begin with the case against Sheila.

Everyone’s silent as Finn weighs his options.

Sheila stares up at the cameras, knowing that Bill is watching.

bill watches lawyer and judge bold recaps

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