Deacon Betrays Sheila to the Feds and After She’s Arrested for Murder, Runs Off and Collapses

In the Thursday, March 30, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Bill speeds after Sheila, Deacon considers his options, and Steffy and Finn worry about Sheila being on the loose.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Sheila survived the fall, stole Bill’s car and sped off with him in pursuit and then begged Deacon to run away with her.

At Deacon’s, he’s shocked when Sheila asks him to run away with her. They’ll have to take on new identities.

sheila asks deacon to runaway

He knows she knows how he feels about her but…She repeats that Bill was manipulating her. All he told her was too good to be true and he just wanted to trap her into confession.

“That bastard was playing me this whole time,” she curses.

sheila curses bill

He’s not thrilled when she tells him the Feds are involved and will be following her there. He needs a minute to process this and what it would mean to his restaurant and daughter.

deacon mulls over sheila's offer

Sheila tells him she’s the one person he needs. She knows he loves her and she loves him. She was caught up with Bill, thinking he was her ticket to freedom, but she didn’t feel the same way about him.

She’ll never find another man who understands her as completely as Deacon does.

He doesn’t want to lose her and what they have, but maybe there is another way. What if she turned herself in?

She doesn’t like that idea. He suspects something really bad will happen if she keeps running.

Sheila tells him he’s sweet and they need to go this instant.

sheila begs deacon to run away

Deacon gulps and begs her to turn herself in. She says she wouldn’t get a slap on the wrists. She needs to leave now and they could have so much living to do together.

Sheila begs him to join her, maybe even for a lifetime. Deacon nods and she thanks him, taking his hand and leading him out.

Bill speeds down the road talking with Ridge over the phone. They already have Sheila’s confession and they know she’s headed to Deacon’s.

ridge in surveillance room

All they have to do is catch her. Agent Chen tells Bill to wait for the LAPD.

Bill keeps driving, excited for the chance to finally see Sheila in custody.

bill drives to deacon's

In Il Giardino, Deacon begs her to turn herself in. Ridge, Bill and the Feds arrive and announce she’s going back to prison.

deacon sorry for betraying sheila

Deacon tells Sheila he’s sorry. She wonders if any of this was real.

Ridge and Bill tell him he did good work delaying her. Chief Baker happily places her under arrest for murder.

baker arrests sheila

Lance Day’s death was one of his first unsolved cases. She’ll spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Turning to Deacon, she tells him it’s okay. She’ll never forget what he did for her.

Bill gloats about how great this feels. Sheila barks that they are animals. Ridge bellows at her to shut up.

Bill says that they now know that no one will ever think of Sheila again, remember her, mention her or love her. Sheila blames Steffy for all of this.

As the cops try to cuff her, she breaks free and runs.

sheila and baker when she's arrested

She arrives in the alley behind Il Giardino and flashes back to shooting Finn and Steffy. As she doubles over in pain, she turns and Bill is there.

She thought he loved her. He says she thought wrong. Only a sick, twisted loser would love her. Even the ring he gave her was fake.

sheila caught by bill

Taking off the ring, she tells him he wasn’t the only one pretending. This may be the end of them, but it’s not the end of her.

She collapses on the ground. Bill sighs.

sheila falls to the ground in pain

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Steffy stops by the hospital to make out with Finn. He’s glad she drove over to make this happen. He’s always a fan of her surprises.

steffy and finn make out at work

She hopes the rest of his night has good surprises. Neither of them want Sheila popping up. Steffy says they can’t act like she’s not a threat.

They vent about Sheila and Bill. None of this makes sense to Steffy and she hopes Bill comes to his senses and puts an end to Sheila.

steffy finn worry about sheila

He has to get back to work. She admires his devotion to his patients. He says that giving people clothes to make them feel good is helping people too.

The doctor promises to keep her safe from Sheila. They hug.

steffy gripping at finn

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