Carter Celebrates Ten Years with Forrester Creations, and Steffy Considers Cutting Hope For The Future as it’s Losing Money

In the Wednesday, March 1, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy worries about Hope, Liam tries to reassure Hope about Douglas, and Eric worries about the future of Hope for the Future.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where an emotional Steffy agreed to give Thomas another chance, and Sheila wept after telling Deacon she can’t attend his opening.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn are impressed with themselves and with how helpful Douglas has been.

steffy new streaks with finn B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

He needs to get to work. She misses him. They kiss and she gets a text that makes her sigh.

Steffy explains it’s Hope wondering about Douglas. She worries about her. Finn reminds her this situation is temporary.

She’s sure Hope thought Douglas would be home by now. Plus, her line has been struggling since they let Thomas go.

The timing couldn’t be worse, but she might have to pull the line.

finn thinks douglas will wanna go home soon B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

At the cabin, Hope stares at her phone. Liam comes home and tells her how happy Beth was to go to school and see her friends.

She worries the little girl will be missing Douglas. She’s been trying to put on a brave face but she’s hurting. Hope misses Douglas a lot.

Liam gives her a hug. She beats herself up about them letting Douglas make this choice. He assures her there’s no way they could have anticipated this.

hope and liam hug at the cabin B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Everything will be okay. “Will it?” she asks.

The only thing that will make her feel better is Douglas coming home. Liam says it will happen at some point.

She’s terrified that Douglas might decide he’s happier with his aunt. “Not a chance in hell,” Liam says.

Unexpected things may happen all the time, but Douglas’ love will bring him home.

“He belongs here with us,” she sobs.

liam misses douglas B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

As she packs her bag, he asks if anything else is going wrong. She seems more “internal” than usual.

She says it’s mainly Douglas… and Sheila… but her line isn’t doing too well either.

He tells her she doesn’t have to go through it alone. She can talk to him about anything.

They kiss. She claims she just needs her life to go back to the way it was.


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Carter arrives at Forrester Creations and finds a gift and envelope waiting for him.

The envelope contains a note from Eric thanking him for his ten years of service.

carter 10 year anniversary B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Carter flashes back to Ridge and Eric promoting him as COO and all the paperwork he has done over the years between taking off his shirt.

Carter on the runway hot B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Eric joins him and tells him what an impact he has had on the company and family.

Shaking his hand, he congratulates him. It’s been a pleasure having him there.

They sit down and go over the marketing budget. Eric admits he’s not looking forward to talking about Hope for the Future when Steffy gets there.

eric and carter celebrate his ten year anniversary B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

They go over the numbers for the line. They’re bleak. Carter admits that Steffy doubts it’s sustainable.

Steffy joins them and Carter thanks her for giving him a pot.

The topic turns to Hope for the Future. The numbers are bad and it’s costing them.

steffy talks about cutting Hope for the future B&B recaps

Eric feels bad. Steffy tells him he tried. Changes need to be made and they can’t let personal feelings get in the way.

They all hate what this could mean for Hope. The line is about more than business for her.

Steffy repeats they need to take the right business choice, even if it hurts.

Hope bumbles in and Steffy asks her to stay. They show her the latest numbers.

Eric blames himself for failing with Zende. Hope says they were amazing but the line is just in transition and needs some patience. She’s sure the numbers will rebound.

hope believes in hope for the future B&B recaps

Steffy tells her that they can’t allow the line to keep bleeding. They need to take immediate action.

Hope wonders if she will cut the line.

hope talks HFTF B&B recap

Li stops by Finn’s office. They chat about work and how he deserves more recognition.

She admires his skill set and what a promotion could mean for him. He’s been putting in the time. His mom hopes that’s not causing problems at home.

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