Brooke and Taylor Eat Cake as Friends to Celebrate Dumping Ridge, While Bill Cries, Begging Katie For Another Chance

In the Friday, December 16, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke and Taylor get a cake to celebrate dumping Ridge, and Bill begs Katie for another chance.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Taylor and Brooke dumped Ridge, choosing themselves.

At Forrester, Steffy asks Finn how he’s doing. He’s fine and thinks Sheila made a big mistake.

She should have left town immediately, after escaping prison.

Hope apologizes when she interrupts to ask if they’ve heard anything from their parents.

None of them has heard a peep.

finn steffy bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Charlie appears and tells them not to worry.

Sheila will never breach this establishment with him on the job.

They ask him what happened with their parents when he tells them he has eyes in the back of his head.

hope at forrester bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

He admits he has no clue. He didn’t see them leave the building but offers to show camera footage.

Hope finds that a bit much. Both gals text their moms. Hope says her mom is at home.

Steffy says her mom is too.

They worry and run off to see how things are going.

steffy with finn bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Taylor and Brooke arrive at Brooke’s house, Brooke’s arms laden with a huge cake box.

They can’t believe they did this. The look on Ridge’s face.

He couldn’t believe it either. Broke asks if she’s sorry. “I am”

“You are?”

“That we waited 30 years to do this.”

Brooke takes out the cake, astounded that they’re on the same page at the same time.

brooke and taylor cake bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

They are happy they kissed Ridge goodbye. That’s a kiss they can agree on.

They pour what looks like champagne.

Taylor thinks it’s horrible how much Ridge waffled between them Brooke says they took their power back at the same time and it feels incredible.

She rocks on, flinging her hair back and forth.

brooke feeling happy bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Taylor never wanted to be her enemy. They laugh. Taylor calls her a badass. She’s creative, she left a mark on the fashion world and is the hottest chemist she’s known.

She’s also a good mom. She gets why Ridge was swept away. Brooke says she respects her, and what she chose to do with her life, and says is determined to help those who are struggling.

She’s an incredible healer. This is the nicest they’ve been to one another.

brooke and taylor happy bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Taylor says they should never bash each other for a man. “We should lift each other up.”

They make a vow never to fight over Ridge again and dig into the cake.

They bash Ridge for being a waffler. Hope and Steffy arrive and watch their mothers eating cake and laughing.

brooke and taylor eat cake bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

They tell them the competition is over. If Ridge is in their lives it’s great but if he’s not it’s one too.

“They don’t need Ridge to be happy.” They say it on repeat and laugh, wondering why they didn’t do this before. Hope and Steffy look stunned.

hope steffy shocked B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers


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They just want their happiness. Brooke says they’re all in charge of their own inner peace.

Steffy and Hope are amazed and never thought they’d see this day.

They are proud of their mothers and embrace them. They want cake!

braylor brooke and taylor eat cake B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

They go get forks and plates and Brooke and Taylor are thrilled their daughters are proud. It feels good.

Brooke thanks “my friend, Taylor.” Tay tests it out. “My friend, Brooke.” They embrace, heartily.

brooke and taylor hug B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

Liam watches his dad primp his house and questions him.

He’s doing it for Katie, who loves this stuff.

He’s doing this because she agreed to come by for a talk.

Then stay forever. He hopes he’ll convince her to come home tonight.

bill decorates B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

He moves things around and tidies up. Liam’s not sure he’s going to get what he wants but Bill’s positive it’ll happen.

Liam worries about him since he’s wearing that sword necklace. Bill calls it protection and he won’t need it once Katie returns.

In the Forrester design room, Carter and Kate are happy to spend time together.

They’re done work and he invites her for dinner but she’s off to see Bill.

He’s shocked. Katie says he sounded vulnerable.

Carter has concerns he’s playing on her kindness.

She knows there’s a chance but she has to pay attention to what he does since he’s Will’s dad. Carter agrees. She goes.

katie at forrester bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Katie arrives at Bill’s. He compliments her looks and regrets hurting her.

All she did was love him and support him. He repaid it by hurting her in the worst way.

“She’s my sister,” Katie says, reminding him he said she was the great love of his life.

katie greet bill B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

He wishes he could take those words back.

She’s the mother of Will and he misses them. She tells him they would have shared it had he not thrown it away.

She doesn’t get how he was so reckless.

He seems overcome and begs for forgiveness so they can reunite.

He starts to cry and vows not to let her down. She tears up.

bill cries B&B Recaps SoapsSpoilers

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