Brooke and Taylor Dump Ridge’s Waffling Butt Before He Can Choose One Over The Other — Choosing Themselves, Their Dignity and Self-Respect

In the Thursday, December 15, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke and Taylor tell Ridge what’s what, Steffy and Hope have one of their arguments, and Liam and Finn stop by to defend their women.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Taylor returned home, Ridge returned to LA, and Eric has some tough love for his son.

At Forrester, Brooke and Taylor welcome Ridge back from his trip.

Did it go well? He condescendingly tells them it wasn’t a holiday. He was soul-searching.

He got a text.

They both wanted to see him.

He could only imagine what they thought. He’s sorry.

“Are you?” They both ask.

brookie and tay tay bold and the beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Charlie interrupts and welcomes Ridge home, calling him, “Oh exalted one.”

They glare at him and he takes the hint and goes.

Tay says they’re not there to listen to his explanations or apologies.

Tay says he’s there to listen to them. “You put us through a lot.”

taylor and brooke decision B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

The women share a look.

He’s glad they’re together.

He thinks they have a lot to talk about, and that they see eye to eye on a lot of things.

ridge seems happy bold and the beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

They agree. They’re mothers, with successful careers and they’ve been waiting for this man for most of their adult life.

Taylor again apologizes for not telling Ridge the truth before the wedding but she kept thinking about all the promises he made her.

Their time together was magic. Brooke tears up. He’s the love of her life.

brooke in blue B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

But he didn’t trust her and walked away from her. She didn’t know what was going on.

“What kind of man runs to Taylor, and proposes to her while we were still married?”

Ridge is sorry. Taylor says he hurt them both.

He chased after her because she was running away from her. “I told you to leave but you stayed.”

He convinced her that this time was different.

tay cries He never said they were. 

Taylor brings up the CPS call. If what he promised her in Aspen was the truth, she knows they’d have gotten married but they didn’t.

“You walked away. You left me there with my heart shattered. Again.”

Everything he has done is wrong. “God!”

She yells. Brooke comforts Taylor who dissolves into tears.

tay cries B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

“Taylor’s right,” she says.

They go on and on about him being Taylor’s BFF and Brooke’s destiny but they tell him that he can’t have them both.

He knows. He can only be with one of them.

“No,” Taylor says. “You can’t,” Brooke tells him. They don’t need him. They’re strong women.

tay yells ridge forrester B&B recaps

He never said they weren’t. 

They say they’ve been stuck in this cycle for decades.

Taylor calls him a lucky guy.

They both love him but they’re exhausted.

taay wants out bold and the beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers



Brooke and Tay agree. They’re done.

They choose themselves and their self-respect.

The women hold hands and leave together.

women dump ridge bold recaps

Ridge stares blankly as he is wont to do.

ridge blank B&B recaps

Outside, Brooke and Taylor high-five each other, shocked that they did it.

brooke and taylor high five B&B recaps

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New B&B comings and goings

In the design room, Steffy gripes to Hope that she doubts Ridge will choose Taylor.

Hope hems and haws about that. Finn and Liam appear and Steffy says they were having a civilized discussion about her dad coming home.

Hope thinks Brooke will be the one Ridge chooses.

The woman argue lightly.

Liam brings up Thomas’ scheming.

finn defends steffy bold and the beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Steffy says it doesn’t erase the bond between Ridge and Taylor. Finn takes  Steffy’s side and Liam takes Hope’s.

They go around in circles like this. Steffy thinks if she hadn’t spoken up, her parents would have married.

Talk turns to the kids decorating cookies last night together.

Everyone smiles and then they go back to brooding about their issues.

They circle back to predictions about who Ridge is going to choose.

Charlie appears. He tells the room Ridge is home and in the next office with Brooke and Taylor. He goes.

The adults stand around wondering what’s going on in the other office with Ridge, and his women.

Hope starts talking about her mother meeting Ridge while catering and thinks their love is going strong.

Steffy’s bored. She knows about their history and knows Ridge will always love her.

Now, she says it’s time for her mother to get a turn. Hope finds that bizarre.

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