After Brooke Shoots Hollis Down, She Confides in Taylor, and Steffy Asks Hope to Come to Her if Thomas Ever Steps Out Of Line

In the Monday, April 17, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke confides in Taylor, Hope asks for Steffy’s help in getting Liam to believe Thomas has changed, and Steffy wants Hope to come to her if her brother does anything weird.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Steffy kept reassuring Liam he had nothing to worry about regarding Thomas and Hope, Taylor urged Brooke to date Hollis again, and Hope and Thomas talked about how happy they are.

In the Forrester Creations design office, Liam tells Thomas he doesn’t need his reassurance that his marriage is doing okay.

He trusts Hope.

thomas tells liam he gets it

Not Thomas. Thomas hopes to change that in time and says everyone knows his wife is committed to him.

Liam hopes Thomas understands.

He’s a valuable coworker to Hope but she doesn’t have romantic feelings for him.

Thomas asks Liam to trust him and Liam wants to, knowing the Forrester wants a chance to prove himself. 

liam doesn't trust Thomas says

In the CEO office at Forrester, Steffy talks to Hope about how things worked out the way they should have, with her married to Finn and Hope with Liam.

Liam stares at Thomas’ photo behind Steffy and forces a smile as she nods.

steffy thinks things are as they should be

Steffy says if her brother steps out of line or if she needs distance, she can come to her.

Hope’s grateful, but Thomas has been professional.

Steffy’s glad. Hope wants Steffy’s help in showing Liam that there’s nothing romantic between her and Thomas.

hope stares at photo of thomas

“Talk to him, reassure him.”

She thinks it’ll make a difference coming from Steffy.

Steffy says she did try but Liam didn’t listen.

steffy agrees talk to liam

She agrees to give it another shot.

It’s the least she could do after Hope let him return to the fold.

Still, Steffy insists she’s there for Hope if her brother ever “freaks you out.”

hope demented look

At Il Giardino, Broke calls Hollis sweet, sexy and a good kisser but she’s not ready to date yet.

“Yet?” He says. She laughs and calls him relentless while Taylor watches from nearby, a smile on her face.

Brooke admits she’s flattered.

hollis tells brooke how great she is

She enjoyed dinner with him and that kiss but isn’t sure she’s ready to turn it into something.

Hollis smiles and walks away as Brooke remembers that sizzling kiss.

brooke flustered by hollis

Taylor returns to the table and comments that Brooke’s flustered.

She asks if the blonde has chased him away or if she and Hollis will have their second date.

Brooke gets quiet and Taylor notices.

They eat dessert while Brooke admits she’s focused on her family.

taylor asks brooke if there will be another date

Not Ridge, but Brooke doesn’t want to get too heavy. She may be reading too much into it.

Or, Taylor says her feelings are valid and they can work on it together. Brooke confides it’s Hope.

Her relationship with her as mother and daughter.

brooke taylor pick at dessert

She’d like to be the opposite of Brooke, who had a lot of inappropriate relationships with men.

Brooke regrets what she’s done in the past but won’t beat herself up for following her heart.

Taylor asks if Hope and Liam are having problems.

taylor brooke talk hope issues

Brooke believes it’s possible since she’s defensive when Brooke asks questions.

Taylor thinks they’ll work it out. They’re so in love and committed.

Brooke’s been concerned after her outburst.

brooke concerned about hope

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She flashes back to asking Hope if she has feelings for Thomas and says that all marriages have issues.

You just have to face them together.

Taylor wishes there was a way to get Liam to believe Thomas has truly changed. Brooke smiles slightly.

Hope eavesdrops on the design office as Liam tells Thomas that Hope’s not attracted to him and that she’s committed to their marriage.

hope eavesdrops on liam and thomas

Hope makes herself seen and the men tell her what they’re talking about.

Thomas claims he’s fully respectful of their marriage and commitment.

hope asks steffy to talk to liam

Liam asks his wife to dinner and she declines to work with Thomas.

They kiss and Liam leaves.

Thomas meant what he said, he tells Hope. 

thomas listens to liam trying to remind him of his place

He promises her he doesn’t want to cause issues for her or turn her world upside down ever again.

He apologizes for what he did and talks about how she gave Douglas a mother when he needed one.

He’s grateful that she gave the boy a future. He loves her. Hope says she loves him, too.

thomas and hope try getting back to work

Thomas says he has always counted on her. She’s incredible and “in his life.” He thanks her again but doesn’t want to freak her out.

She insists he’s not. He and Caroline created an amazing boy and she’s lucky to be a part of his life.

“Even if his father’s a bad boy every now and again,” she says with a chuckle.

She brings up her mother chasing desire and how she judged her for how inappropriate it was.

Maybe she was following her heart, Hope thinks. “Maybe I was wrong.”

Thomas is befuddled. “What are you saying?” Hope doesn’t know.

He calls it cheesy but says she really is their Hope for the Future.

She needed to hear that.

“Maybe I am the bad boy, but you’ll always be the good girl.

You’re like an angel,” he tells her.

hope says it's not easy to be a good girl

Liam heads into the CEO office and Steffy asks him to talk.

Hope has asked her to talk to him about his concerns for Thomas.

Liam asks if she’s started to share those concerns but Steffy says no.

liam is confused when steffy brings up hope

Liam laughs. “Great. Now you’re both pleading his case.”

Steffy says she just wants to help.

She knows her brother’s been working on himself in therapy but Liam points out he’s working with Hope daily.

Steffy insists that it won’t interfere in their marriage.

steffy tells liam about her talk with hope

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