Brooke Lies About Her Dinner With Ridge to Taylor, Then After Spying on Hope and Thomas, Asks if Hope Has Feelings for Him

In the Tuesday, April 11, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Hope and Thomas work together, Brooke lies to Taylor and Liam opens up about his sex life to Wyatt.

We also have the previous B&B recap where Brooke reminded Ridge they are no longer teenagers, Thomas finished a design for Hope, and Liam was confused by Hope’s abrupt exit while she was over at Brooke’s projecting her guilt onto her mother. 

A model shows off Thomas’ new design in the CEO Of Forrester Creations. Ridge likes it.

Zende and Thomas bump fists since they worked on it together, taking an old design and rejuvenating it. 

ridge with model at forrester creations

Hope appears in the door and sees Thomas. She seems awkward and repeats what Ridge says. She likes the dress.

She grins as the model flirts with Thomas and asks him for a “drink sometime” to discuss how he became such a great designer.

thomas and zende look at their new creation

Thomas says that can be arranged. She goes and Ridge smiles. “Oh to be young…”

Zende says nobody knows HFTF as much as Thomas. Hope agrees.

Ridge thinks Hope and Thomas make a great team. Later, when they’re alone, Hope looks at Thomas’ new design.

hope and zende at work

She’s drawn to the 60s vibe. Thomas says it’s a mix of that and 70s vibe.

He talks about how it’s more romantic and rambles about how artistic it is and the changes in design from those decades.

Hope listens and he’s embarrassed he rambled. She’s not. It’s nice to see him passionate.

hope looks fashion

Liam and Wyatt talk about work and then inevitably, talk turns to Sheila, Ridge and Bill.

Liam talks about spending the night alone with Hope and Wyatt says, “Oh reaheheheheallly.”

Liam asks his brother to please stop as he says it on repeat, annoying him.

Liam admits that regarding sex with Hope, they needed it after he walked in on Hope in Thomas’ arms.

Wyatt would have gone nuts if he saw that, he admits, but he has to trust Hope to handle the man.

wyatt and liam dinner

Liam knows. He trusts Hope, just not Thomas.  He and Hope haven’t “connected” like that in a long time.

Wyatt’s glad, but Liam says there were a few moments when she seemed off and then she got dressed as soon as it was over, abruptly and ran to her mom’s.

Liam followed and when he got there, things were tense.

He doesn’t know what happened but considers maybe Hope doesn’t want to turn into her mother.

liam feels certainty marriage

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In the design room, Taylor ends a call when Taylor appears.

They’ve had a lot of interest since people heard that Thomas is back as head designer.

They’re happy for Hope.

brooke spent time with ridge

They have so much to celebrate now, Tay says, asking about what happened with her dinner last night.

Brooke says Liam, Hope and the kids couldn’t make it. Taylor’s sorry.

Brooke says she and Ridge had dinner anyway. Alone.

Taylor takes a moment to consider that and gives Brooke a look that is basically asking what happened.

taylor hears brooke and ridge spent time alone

Brooke jumps up. “Nothing happened,” she insists. Taylor says, “You cooked?”

Brooke laughs. Of course not.

She ordered out. Taylor thanks her BFF for being transparent with her.

They’ve come such a long way and Tay trusts her. Brooke trusts Tay.

brooke trusts taylor

Brooke claims that she takes their vow seriously.

“Men come and go but girlfriends are forever,” Brooke says, hugging Taylor.

taylor and brooke hugging

Ridge eavesdrops on Brooke and Taylor as they tout how heroic the man is. How can they thank him.

Ridge says they’re off to a good start. Taylor says he missed the juicy part about Brooke talking about their dinner last night.

Ridge calls it wonderful and Taylor watches them as Brooke agrees. Taylor asks if it surprises him that they’re friends.

He says it takes getting used to.

They talk about this at length and laugh about how Brooke would have at one time, come down the stairs in a sexy nightie.

brooke, taylor as ridge eavesdrops

They discuss Hope and Thomas’s new line that he really likes. He is proud of both of them.

Brooke goes off to talk to Hope as Taylor and Ridge agree to a family dinner of their own.

ridge likes taylor and brooke

In the CEO’s office, Hope likes Zende’s designs. Thomas does too and talks about all his inspiration to be the best version of himself he can be.

Brooke appears and eavesdrops as Hope thanks him for giving her line another chance.

brooke eavesdrops

Douglas has seen the change and so has she. Brooke appears and asks to speak to her daughter alone.

Thomas goes and Brooke wants to touch base on their conversation about falling for the bad boy.

Brooke asks if she’s having feelings for Thomas.

brooke asks hope if she wants thomas body

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