Brooke Enjoys How Smooth Hollis Is on Their Date, and Finn Vows To Keep Sheila Away as Bill Vows to Reconcile Sheila and Finn

In the Thursday, February 23, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor sets up an elaborate dinner for Brooke, Bill pushes Sheila to open up, and Li asks Finn about the Douglas situation.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Hollis asked Brooke out after Taylor set them up, and Sheila admitted to Bill that there is someone else.

At Bill’s, he gets off the phone after closing a deal. He returns to Sheila, who tries talking about how sexy his being a business mogul is.

bill and sheila talk finn son Bold and Beautiful recaps Soaps Spoilers

He reminds her they were talking about her and her lack of total happiness. He urges her to open up about her feelings like she’s always telling him to be.

Sheila admits that the person she wants desperately in her life again is her son, Finn.

She doesn’t want to be ungrateful to Bill, but she loves her son and grandson and wants to share her happiness with them. It’s hard that they want nothing to do with her.

sheila talks 'my son, my son, my blood' finn. Bold and Beautiful recaps Soaps Spoilers

She’s on the outside begging to be let in but the door keeps getting slammed in her face. She was hoping for some compassion but Steffy and Finn have drawn a hard line.

Sheila thinks her son was softening toward her but everything went wrong and she alienated him.

Bill tells her there’s no point getting hung up on things you can’t change.

She’s still wrapping her head around bringing such a good man into the world.

Bill says that only proves that no one is all bad. Even they can bring good people into the world.

She says there is nothing she wouldn’t give to have a relationship with her son again.

Sheila misses him more than anything but he just looks at her with hatred.

Bill says there is a thin line between love and hate.

She’s not sure there’s a point in hope. Bill says he promised to make her happy so he will make sure that a reconciliation happens.

Hugging her, he tells her to keep the faith. He’ll do whatever it takes.

Li drops by the cliff house. Finn is alone. His mom thinks they need to have a “real talk” about Douglas.

li talks to finn about family Bold and Beautiful recaps Soaps Spoilers

He loves having him there and it’s something Steffy wants. His mom is proud of the man he’s become.

Finn admits he’s become more protective of the people in his life since he found out Sheila is his birth mother.

finn at home talks family Bold and Beautiful recaps Soaps Spoilers

Li is still galled by Sheila being free. Neither of them understand what happened with Bill.

There was a time when he thought there might be space for he in his life, but not after experiencing her terror first hand.

He assures Li that Sheila will never come near his family again.


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Hollis returns to Il Giardino and tells Deacon that it was Taylor who called him over with delivery.

deacon talks to a client Bold and Beautiful recaps Soaps Spoilers

Deacon still can’t get used to Brooke and Taylor being friends. Hollis offers to call off his date with Brooke if it’s too weird for his boss.

Deacon assures him it’s fine. Brooke is a woman of class and sophistication and he’s sure Hollis isn’t taking her lightly.

The waiter says he’s not taking Brooke lightly at all and finds her fascinating.

He thinks she needs a distraction from Ridge. His boss says it’s fine as long as he’s sincere.

Hollis insists he just wants to get to know an amazing woman better.

hollis talks deacon about date brooke B&B recaps

Taylor shows Brooke how she had her main room decorated for her upcoming dinner with Hollis. She reminds her this is supposed to be fun.

Bold and Beautiful recaps Soaps Spoilers

Brooke’s not sure she can remember fun so Taylor tries doing some goofy dancing.

The doctor tells her to enjoy the attentions of a man too young to become a “Grumplestiltskin” and remember there are no obligations.

This could be the beginning of a brand new chapter for her. Brooke smiles.

She gets changed and shows off her black dress to Taylor.

brooke date ready for hollis B&B recaps

The doctor tells her she’s eternally beautiful and smarter and funnier than ever. She’s sure the dating thing feels awkward and scary but that’s because it’s unknown.

She’s sure that Brooke still knows how to be fabulous. They hug.

Brooke promises to make the most of this and call her with all the details as soon as the date ends.

Hollis arrives and they call him in. He asks for a second to catch his breath.


As Brooke pours mineral water, Taylor scooches out. Hollis toasts to the beginning of their beautiful friendship.

She tells him this is all very surprising. He confesses that he’s admired her for years, both because of how beautiful she is and because of all she’s accomplished.

He’s excited to see where their night takes them.

brooke drink water B&B recaps

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