Brooke Confronts Hope About Her Feelings for Thomas, Taylor Feels Betrayed by Brooke, and Bill Urges Liam to Stay Vigilant

In the Tuesday, May 23, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas gives Hope more reassurances, Taylor thinks that everything is looking up, and Bill checks in on Liam and his marriage.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Hope confessed Thomas had transformed her while Liam wondered if Hope was going out of her way out of guilt.

In her office at Forrester Creations, Brooke and Taylor chat about Thomas’ latest designs.

The doctor pointedly tells her it feels really good that things are working out for Hope and Thomas.

brooke surprised taylor was sneaky

Taylor thinks she has nothing to worry about for once.

Worried she’s just jinxed herself, she knocks on her head.

She says things are finally looking up for the Logans and Forresters.

Brooke hopes it stays that way. Taylor gets a call and runs off.

Brooke flashes back to Hope admitting she has feelings for Thomas and then going out of her way to cover.

brooke tries to smile as taylor talks up her son

“Hope, what are you up to?” she wonders.

In the main Forrester Creations office, Thomas tells Hope that she gave him his life back and he’s thankful for her letting him come back.

thomas and hope week three talking about how he has changed

She’s glad she put her faith in him. Giving him another chance is one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

He says it’s more than that. She have him another chance at happiness.

She tells him that’s on him. It’s impressive and has made her see him in a whole new way.

He looks forward to their healthy relationship and future.

As they chat, Brooke shows up and Thomas takes off.

Her mom starts grilling her about what’s going on with her and her feelings for Thomas.

brooke and hope talk about what's going on with her and thomas

Hope insists nothing happened.

Her mother is concerned about her feelings for him.

Was she overcompensating when she said harsh things about him?

brooke thinks hope's overcompensating for saying harsh things about thomas

Hope claims she was not overcompensating.

She was just worried about hurting Thomas. Her mom suggests he wasn’t hurt at all and was just manipulating her.

Her daughter insists he was genuinely hurt.

Brooke is still confused by the way she’s been behaving. She knows she knows right from wrong, but is she having feelings for Thomas?

brooke says thomas didn't seem hurt

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Taylor returns to the office. Brooke is gone but Thomas is there.

He lets it slip that he overheard Brooke and Hope discussing him.

He’s surprised her BFF didn’t tell her about this.

taylor finds thomas sketching

“You better,” she says.

Reluctantly, he explains he overheard Hope saying he was unstable and she wanted nothing to do with him.

She freaked out and started apologizing when she saw he overheard.

taylor didn't know about brooke

Taylor wonders why she said the negative things in the first place.

He suggests she was trying to reassure her mom.

The doctor is not happy that her friend kept this from her.

thomas tells mom about hope's apology

Bill wanders into Liam’s office at Spencer Publications.

He’s been reviewing deals that his son oversaw while he was preoccupied with Sheila.

liam working spencer publications

His son starts stammering but Bill says that he and Wyatt did a phenomenal job.

He asks how things are going with Hope.

bill grateful for liam's work

Liam wishes he could chaperone every minute Thomas and Hope are together but he trusts her. Bill suggests she may be shielding him from some of Thomas behavior to prevent him from getting upset.

Liam is worried about that now. He’s sure that if there was something to open up about, she would.

They discuss him working on his relationship and not taking it for granted, especially now that Thomas is back in the picture.

Liam wonders if his father is projecting based on his experience and asks how things are going with Katie. Bill is not giving up.

He thinks Katie feels safe with Carter, but he knows that deep down she doesn’t want someone so sensible.

He’s the father of her child and family is what’s the most important to her. That will bring his Katie back.

bill tells Liam to keep his wife close

“Right on,” says Liam. His father reminds him that Thomas and Hope share a child and the other man will use that. He urges him to keep his guard up.

Bill tells him how proud he is of the man he has become. “You’re the man I’m trying to be,” Liam admits.

Bill pulls him over for a hug and kiss.

If he’s ever lucky enough to get Katie back, he will emulate Liam. He urges him to stay vigilant about Thomas.

bill hugs liam and tells him to keep his eyes on thomas

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