Brooke Confronts Bill and Sheila, Urging Him to Call the Police, and He Agrees She’s Right

In the Friday, January 20, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Liam and Hope encourage Brooke to speak to Bill about Sheila, Sheila offers to leave if Bill wants her to.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Wyatt and Liam begged Bill to tell them what Sheila’s holding over his head and Steffy vowed to make Bill and Sheila pay.

In the cabin, Brooke still can’t wrap her head around Bill being with Sheila. She asks Liam how his father could stoop so low.

Brooke agrees to talk to Dollar bill B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

Brooke knows that Bill has done a lot of questionable things… but she thought she knew him.

Liam feels the same way. They all want him to get away from Sheila, but he’s been shutting everyone down.

Liam points out that no one has managed to get through to him yet. Hope adds that if anyone can stop this insanity, it might be Brooke.

They talk about Taylor’s secret and Brooke says it’s amazing that they are becoming friends. Her friend is really tempted to confess.

Liam points out it would be pointless since Bill bought the judge and would pay off every judge in town.

brooke, liam and hope at the cabin B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

Throwing her arms around, Brooke wonders how he could fall for a monster. He was supposed to be in love with her a few weeks ago. She decides she has to go see him.

They hope that she will be able to convince him how wrong this is. Hope encourages her to be careful.

liam and hope talk to brooke B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

After Brooke leaves, Liam thinks it’s best she went alone instead of Bill being teamed up on. Hope still worries about how dangerous it could be if Sheila is there.

hope and liam drink coffee Bold and beautiful recaps

Liam is sure his father wouldn’t let harm happen to Brooke. Hope isn’t so sure given how he has changed.

She doesn’t condone Taylor shooting his father, but if his father wanted to make her pay, it should have happened years ago. They are both sure she didn’t know what she was doing.

Liam recalls how he thought that he shot his father. He can still remember doing it even though he didn’t. It’s weird how your mind can play tricks on you.

He’s grateful that Taylor confessed, otherwise he would probably still be blaming himself. He doesn’t think his father filed this away to use against Taylor later.

She tells him the threat of Sheila still lingers because of the choices his father made.


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At Bill’s, Sheila settles in, thinking about kissing Bill and smirking to herself.

The Stallion wanders in. he hopes his sons didn’t upset her.

sheila self satisfied grin B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

She was happy to see him defend her. That made her female more than okay.

She hopes that his sons will come around to her presence in his life. How does he really feel about this? Sheila wants him to confide in her.

He believed in her and defended her. He’s her miracle and she wants to reward his faith, especially after everyone in his life has lashed out at him for standing up for her.

Bill stares.

sheila thanks bill B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

She tells him she’s a big girl and can take anything. If he wants her to go, she will, living a happy life and remembering all their special moments together.

“If you want me to walk out those doors, I will,” she repeats. Bill thinks.

Before he can answer, Brooke shows up. She asks if Bill would really blackmail Taylor to save Sheila.

brooke tells sheila to take a hike Bold and beautiful recaps

Brooke asks for a minute alone with Bill. Sheila knows she is there for her turn at telling Bill that he is horrible.

The Logan refuses to talk to Sheila and tells her the only way they should be talking is through prison bars. She doesn’t know what happened, but she’s there to bring Bill back to his senses so Sheila will be hauled off to prison for the rest of her life.

sheila and bill a united front Bold and beautiful recaps

After the women bicker about this now being Sheila’s home, Brooke steps forward and says that her only intention is to get through to someone she cares about and shares wonderful memories with. They flashback through their past and she says she can’t give up on him now.

brooke versus sheila Bold and beautiful recaps

Sheila says he has a lot of painful memories of her and her abandoning him. Brooke reminds him that he declared her love to her just weeks ago and now he claims to love a woman who is her opposite.

“Sheila is not the woman you need,” she says, urging him to take off his necklace and be a good man. He deserves a good woman and that’s not Sheila. All she knows how to do is create heartbreak. He needs to call the police.

“Let’s put Sheila behind bars today,” she says.

brooke tries to get bill to listen to reason Bold and beautiful recaps

He says that everything she has said is right.

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