Bold & Beautiful Spoilers March 27-31: Sheila Flatlines, and Ridge Fights With Stephen

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, March 27 to Friday, March 31.

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Sneak Peeks into March 27!

Brooke gives Katie advice about Carter.

Ridge comes through in the nick of time.

Bill and Sheila’s relationship takes a dark turn.

Bill and Sheila struggle and Sheila falls off the balcony. Watch the exciting B&B promo!

bill angry he has to keep the charade up with sheila on bold


Monday, March 27

Monday’s B&B recap: Sheila confesses!

Brian Yang is back as FBI agent Alex Chen.

Alex and Ridge are happy when Sheila spills her guts.

Bill proposes marriage to a skeptical Sheila.
Finn and Steffy revel in their shared moments together.

Steffy locks her and Finn into her office for sex.

Finn vows to have and to hold Steffy.

Katie and Brooke talk about Bill being with Psycho Sheila.

finn and steffy sex sofa

Tuesday, March 28

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Sheila falls possibly to her death

Sheila and Bill’s relationship takes a twisted turn.

Brooke gives Katie advice about Carter.

Carter and Brooke and Katie talk about Bill being weird.

Bill admits to everything he’s been doing to Sheila to be a ploy to get her into prison.

Sheila has a fit and attacks Bill.

Ridge worries Bill has overplayed his hand.

Bill gets out of the way and Sheila falls over his balcony.

bill tells sheila off

Wednesday, March 29

Wednesday’s B&B recap – Sheila is alive and escapes Bill

Hope and Deacon talk about Sheila.

Sheila texts Deacon to meet at his place.

Sheila rushes off in Bill’s car.

Bill goes after Sheila after telling Ridge she didn’t die in the fall.

Sheila’s newest crazy scheme blindsides Deacon.

Sheila wants to run away with Deacon.

Bill and Ridge up the ante in their quest to imprison Sheila.
sheila falls over Bill's balcony

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Thursday, March 30

Thursday’s B&B recap: Sheila collapses

Finn vows to protect Steffy at all costs.

Steffy and Finn make out. 

A bold act of unexpected deception paves the way for justice.

Deacon rats out Sheila to the feds.

Sheila is caught and arrested.

Deputy Chief Bradley Baker is back on Sheila’s case.

Sheila runs and collapses.

steffy and finn make out at work

Friday, March 31

Friday’s B&B recap: Li refuses to treat Sheila who flatlines

The Forrresters and Logans gather together, curious about Ridge’s cryptic invitation.

Deacon, Ridge and Bill recall their times working together to get to Sheila.

Ridge tries his best to tell family where he’s been for a while.

Stephen has words with Ridge.

Bill tries to help Ridge with an explanation.

Steffy and Finn make out.

Finn asks his mother if he’s letting Sheila die.

brooke shocked ridge is there bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers November 30, 2022

Sneak peek into the week of April 3!

Finn makes a heroic move.

Li finally gets the upper hand.

Ridge’s news stuns his family.

ridge watches the proposal

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