Bill & Ridge Exchange Barbs as Bill Rants That the Sting Operation was Only Supposed to Last a Week

In the Monday, March 20, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge and Bill discuss how the sting operation started as Hope asks Deacon if there’s something going on with him that he’s not telling her.

We also have last Wednesday’s B&B recap before March Madness had us missing two days of episodes. Last recap, Wyatt and Liam vented to Deacon about their father and Sheila, Bill told Sheila the bad things he’s done to get her to open up to him and then later finds Ridge Forrester who it turns out has been working with Bill and the FBI to put away Sheila, even though Bill is the one who let her out of prison.

Black shoes are seen walking through a hallway at the FBI and some man in an FBI jacket before Ridge Forrester is seen sitting with his new ponytail.

ridge working for fbi on bold and beautiful spoilers

He asks Bill how he’s holding up. Bill’s ready to put Sheila behind bars for life.

They watch Sheila on a call with Deacon.

Ridge says to hang in there a little longer.

Bill thinks it’s easy for Ridge to say.

sheila being watched by FBI

This sting was supposed to last for a week. It’s gone on for months, he rants. “That vile creature” is sleeping in his bed. Ridge says it’s good. She’s buying into this.

Ridge asks how Dollar Bill thinks he feels. She tried to kill his daughter and Finn. They’ll put her away and the family will be safe.

The FBI agent lets them listen to Sheila’s call with Deacon and she reveals that Bill’s acting strange.

She wonders if he’s suspecting something. Ridge thinks she’s starting to lose it and they’ll have her where they want her. Bill calls Deacon the Pizzaboy convict. 

ridge and bill working for FBI to get rid of sheila carter

Meanwhile, Sheila says they need to play it safe. Deacon sees Hope at Il Giardino and disconnects.

Sheila gets a drink and paces while Hope asks if everything is okay with him. He insists he’s fine.

They talk about her decision to bring Thomas back on board at Hope For The Future and Douglas returning home.

deacon on call with sheila from il giardino BOLD and Beautiful

Deacon tells her not to focus on the negative with Liam but on Douglas’ return. She questions him about what’s going on with him.

He again says he’s fine and she offers to hang out and wash dishes or make margaritas or mop his floor.

“Are you implying that my floors are dirty?” He asks. She knows she could eat pizza off that floor. Deacon tells her he won’t ruin this life he’s made for himself.

hope at il giardino with hope

Back in the FBI headquarters, Bill and Ridge like seeing Sheila pace around.

Ridge says that Bill was killing it, telling Sheila about his past misdeeds with tears rolling down his face but it wasn’t enough.

Ridge didn’t think he had it in him that he could make someone love him. It was beautiful.

“Save it, Samurai Sam,” Bill says. He’s given it everything he’s got and he doesn’t know what’s keeping her from confessing.

Ridge says she will and when she does, they’ll get her on Murder One.

bill calls ridge samurai sam B&B recaps

Bill rants about not buying Sheila’s missing toe story. Ridge argues that he doesn’t like watching her or Bill 24/7 but he found Bill’s pajama bottoms form-fitting but flattering.

Bill hopes there are no cameras in his bedroom. Ridge says no. “Because nobody could ever unsee that.”

The FBI agent says they need to maintain focus on Sheila especially when she leaves his house.

Bill continues to rant and says he’s so deep into this that he’s starting to believe it. Katie and his sons think he’s falling for Sheila Carter.

Ridge says he’ll be a hero when they learn the truth. Bill doesn’t care about that. He hopes his loved ones forgive him. Ridge thinks they’ll throw him a party.  

ridge and bill talk to the fbi agent B&B recaps

At Bill’s mansion, Sheila continues to pace and flashes back to telling Bill she loves him.

sheila paces

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Back at FBI headquarters, Ridge tells Bill to step things up. It’s easy for him to say eating hot dogs and donuts.

He can’t imagine what it’s like to be intimate with someone like Sheila. Ridge agrees. He doesn’t like Bill but he respects what he’s doing.

He could never do it. Ridge doesn’t like sitting there growing hair, either. Bill knows Ridge has done a lot.

Not to the level that he’s done but he has done quite a bit. They repeat that in the end, Sheila will be gone for good.

Ridge thought Bill was nuts when he came up with this crazy scheme. Bill knew they needed to get her on many of her crimes to put her away forever.

bill and ridge with his pony tail

Ridge credits him for giving her love which has worked. Bill didn’t think it through how to maintain his dignity.

“Bill Spencer and dignity in the same sentence is a tough one for me,” Ridge gruffly says with a laugh. Bill recalls meeting her that night at the beach.

He knew she was watching him at Il Giardino and he sent her signals so she’d follow him to the beach.

She was sipping a martini and followed him. She bought him going on about being a heartbroken man.

He pretended to open his heart up to her and they talked for hours.

bill spencer

He worked magic to get her to trust him, using her vulnerabilities and insecurities.

Not to mention the promise of freedom he said he’d give her. He knew it was risky and that it was risky to tell her Taylor shot him.

It’s why he went to the feds to ask them to exonerate Taylor for that crime. Everything’s been a means to an end. Ridge hates being apart from his family.

Ridge jokes that he and Sheila make a handsome couple. Bill holds his head. He doesn’t know how much more he can take. Ridge doesn’t blame him but they’re so close.

ridge tells bill not to quit


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