Bill Confesses to Liam — He Saved Sheila for a Reason, and Brooke Lets Hope Choose Whether Thomas Can Return or Not

In the Wednesday, March 8, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas and Taylor agree to respect Brooke’s choice, Bill reminds Sheila of what betraying him would mean, and Hope encourages Liam to speak to his father again.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Brooke wondered if Thomas’ obsession with Hope was over, and frazzled Sheila swore Deacon to secrecy before Bill made a veiled threat.

At home, Deacon takes a bear out of the fridge and sighs as he remembers having sex with Sheila.

deacon drinks bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

In the cabin, Hope is impressed to hear that Bill was threatening Sheila. That sounds like the normal Bill. Liam admits it’s weirdly comforting but something is still off.

hope liam talk bill threats bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

She thinks Katie and Brooke rejecting him drove him off. Liam thinks it’s more than that and wishes his old dad would come back.

They’ve tried everything but nothing seems able to wake Bill up. Liam needs answers because none of this makes sense.

liam wants old bill back bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

She urges him to go and give talking to his dad another shot. He doesn’t like to leave her when she has so much on her plate. She needs to get back to Forrester anyway.

Hope wishes him a lot of luck and he takes off.

hope no ideas bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

At Forrester Creations, Brooke asks Thomas how she can trust that he won’t hurt her daughter again.

brooke skeptical thomas bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

When Taylor gets between them, Brooke tells her friend she wishes she could trust her son. Taylor knows how hard this situation is.

taylor brooke talk thomas bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Thomas reminds them of what’s at stake. This might be the only chance to preserve Hope for the Future and redeem himself. Can she support that?

Taylor would understand if Brooke walked out the door. It’s clear she’s not ready to give Thomas another chance and they will respect that.

Thomas backs this up. He says that Brooke is not the source of his trauma and he will leave her alone. It was easier to blame her than his father for the mess in his family.

thomas begs better man bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Choking up, Thomas tells his mom he wants to make her proud. She already is and hugs him.

Thomas tells Brooke again how important it is for him to make things right. Will she allow him to chance to prove that he’s trustworthy so Hope can trust him too?

He insists that he cares about Hope. He knows that he’s hurt her.

Hope arrives at the door and eavesdrops and Thomas continues begging for the chance to save the line.

She joins them and Thomas pleads with her to let him help her bring the line back to life, reminding her of what it means for people’s lives.

brooke taylor hope talk trust bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Brooke believes that he could save the line but he sabotaged her marriage and she can’t forgive him for that.

He has done terrible things, but he is an amazing designer and no one could fill that space on the line better. Her real concern is her daughter’s safety.

Taylor says she would never support this if she thought that Thomas was a danger to Hope. Brooke believes her.

taylor sides thomas bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Thomas begs for a chance to prove himself again.

Brooke isn’t sure her daughter can trust Thomas or if Liam will accept his return. But ultimately, this decision is Hope’s alone.

hope choice bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

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At Bill’s, he assures her that he told his son that he trusts her since she knows what he’s capable of. “You’re dancing wuith the devil Sheila,” he tells her.

bill warns sheila bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

She puts her hands on his hips and tells him she know what he’s capable of. She can’t repay him for what he’s given up for her.

Bill doesn’t want repayment. He wants love, total commitment, and loyalty.

sheila holds bill bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

She smiles, but as she nestles against his shoulder, she looks worried.

Stepping back, she tells him he’s made her feel loved and cherished and that’s something she could have only dreamed of.

sheila assures bill bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Liam barges in and asks to speak to his father alone so she takes off.

“Did you even make it to the first stop sign?” Bill asks his son.

Liam still has questions and worried. If Katie or Brooke had taken him back, would he be with Sheila?

He knows his father wouldn’t be so how can he stand there and claim he loves Sheila.

Bill downs a glass of scotch. As he makes another drink, he reminds his son that he has plenty of problems in his own life he should be worried about right now.

bill liam rehash bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

They rehash how the Sheila situation makes no sense. Liam knows his father is a bully and a narcissist but he’s not a monster.

“How can you love Sheila Carter?” he asks. With some prodding, Bill admits this is different from what he felt for the Logan sisters.

Liam assumes that means it’s not love. His father admits he got Sheila out for a reason.

Since Liam isn’t expecting to learn the reason, he throws up his hands and walks out.

Bill looks in the mirror and touches his necklace.

bill necklace bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

Upstairs. Sheila thinks of Bill’s threats and of sex with Deacon, who suddenly calls.

sheila phone deacon bold and beautiful recaps soapsspoilers

She tells him that what they did was crazy and dangerous. He thinks it was hot and sexy too.

Neither of them can stop thinking about the other. Sheila repeats that they can’t see each other again.

She goes downstairs and returns to Bill’s side as he looks at himself in the mirror.

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